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Trending Video – Virtual Reality

Many of you have heard about games being released with Virtual reality content. These are played on special players like OCULUS. There are many optical illusions that are explained with in this video link below. Waht is real. Reality is nothing but the electrical signals that your sensory organs send to brain. Eyes, Skin, Tongue, nose etc send signals to your brain. These signals are interpreted b... »

Bookmark this IPL 2015 calendar page

All of you have enjoyed the ICC world cup well. Now get ready to 60 match feast to the people following cricket religion. IPL 8 is opening on Apr 8 and the 60th final match will be played at Kolkata on May 24 Sunday. Who is your faborite PEPSI IPL 2015 Match Schedule / IPL 8 Fixtures with timings (Time table): Date & Day Match Details IST/Ground City Apr 08 – Wed Kolkata vs Mumbai, 8:00 PM Ed... »

Our lakes can produce solar energy while reducing evaporation

Have you observed the water levels in our lakes and reservoirs in the month of April and May? We all know that we lose a lot of water due to evaporation. If we are able to cover the lakes and reservoirs we can irrigate lakhs of acres. If we can cover Bangalore lakes and stop water evaporation, we will have water continuing to recharge water table and bore wells helping tide over water crisis in su... »

Future of Internet protocol HTTPS/2 is here


Flying Car – Aero Mobil

Another inspiring Engineering Innovation !! Flying Car !! Aeromobil company targets to produce a flying car for commercial launch by 2017. This company wants to move the traffic from 2 D space to 3 D space. Ideal for Bangalore ? (No way we will have traffic signals in the air. It will need only 650 feet to land and take off. So we can easily go from South Bangalore to airport.Want to be a lying ro... »

Understand the Future of Ports – USB port type C

Have you followed announcement from Apple that their new Macbook will have only one port for charging and data transfers. It is called USB type C. You also might have noticed that Google Chromebook Pixel new version also has this port.  This new port is expected to replace ports in all devices including mobiles. As engineers it is good to know what it is. USB C cable is reversible meaning you can ... »

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