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How to get VTU Provisional Degree Certificate, Explained

How to get VTU Provisional Degree Certificate, Explained

PDC is a temporary degree certificate provided to you by VTU until you receive Degree certificate (also called as Convocation Degree certificate). PDC tells you that you are eligible to receive Convocation Degree certificate; In other words it tells you that you are sure to receive Convocation Degree certificate You may need PDC because for applying for jobs or applying for higher studies until yo... »


Born in 2011, previously known as “TechTRONIX” with the motto of promoting technology, scientific thinking and innovation, “ELECTRAMA” is going to awaken the passion of innovation and creative thinking in this young, developing Country. With fierce competition amongst students from across Karnataka and all over INDIA, display of cutting-edge technology, motivational speeches to inspire the youth, ... »

Don’t get hacked!

We always end up in saying this work is not so easy especially when we have little experience in particular work. This is a typical human psychology though I am not writing any article on psychology. Probably this might be the reason which made me to write this article after quite a long gap. Before getting into the core of this discussion, I strongly apologize all the tech geeks for using very li... »

Want to be a part of vtualerts?

Avid bloggers unite! Today, is the largest student community website in Karnataka which list fest / college events thanks to student reporters across the state. We would like to thank the reporters and you for bringing us this far. is now opening its doors to YOU to post articles and share information to the VTU community at large. Here is an opportunity for bloggers an... »

Students guide to reading engineering subjects

The first thing you must do when you pick up a book is to get acquainted with the topics it covers and the author’s style of writing. By doing this, you will understand if the content is written in in a manner that is understandable to you. If you cannot comprehend what the author is trying to explain, then it would be counter productive to spend time trying to decipher authors language and ... »

Tech cos, VTU tie up to improve skills

Firms like Intel, Bosch and wipro are collaborating with technical universities to make engineering graduate improve their skill sets. WHILE India produces a large number of engineering graduates every year, most transnationals find only 25% of them employable, says a Global Institute study. A recent study by PurpleLeap, an entry-level talent management firm paints an even grim picture »

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