GNOME.Asia Summit going Free!

Due to the many sponsors who have shown interest in supporting GNOME.Asia Summit 2011 we have the pleasure to announce that we are waiving the registration fees meant to cover part of the food and conference costs. For the people who have already registered we will be refunding their tickets at the registration booth on arrival against their Doattend pass, and for the others just come and enjoy the fun for free!

The list of speakers,

The list of talks,

The tentative schedule is at,

The student training page is mentioned at :

Register Now! Limited seats left for student training program.

We hope this decision will make the event more accessible to students who usually are on a short budget, and encourage more curious visitors to just “drop by” to see what GNOME 3.0 is all about.

We have kept the special offer to get a GNOME 3 t-shirt for those interested as well as the corporate delegate one for people willing to contribute financially to the GNOME Project.

As a side note the students training session is on a first registered first serve basis as we have limited capacity. Should we be able to increase that capacity we’ll let you know right here.

The Student training certificate is given below. Hurry! register now.

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