Freshers Salary Packages 2011

While you are awaiting your results, Take a look the salary packages offered to students in 2011. Feel free to report the Company name | Job Profile | salary package offered at your college via comments. (Please be factual ). We will add to this list. We hope you find this data useful. We will post more on Jobs, and internship opportunities in days to come. Follow us Facebook and subscribe to our emails for walk-in interview information / invitations.

Recruitment Size Company Job Fresher Salaries(lakhs) Colleges
Large TECH MAHINDRA Software 3.60 SVCE,Blore
Large MAHINDRA SATYAM Software 3.60 SVCE,Blore
Large MPHASIS EDS-HP company Software 3.60 SVCE,Blore
Large IBM(GBS) Fresher 3.40 RVCE, Blore
Large HCL Fresher 3.25 Large Recruitment
Large Infosys Fresher-SE 3.20 Large Recruitment
Large HP ( BAS ) Fresher 3.20 RVCE, Blore
Large MindTree Fresher 3.20 RVCE, Blore
Large TCS Fresher 3.10 RVCE, Blore
Large Accenture Fresher 3.00 RVCE, Blore
Large L & T INFOTECH Software 3.00 SVCE,Blore
Large Wipro Fresher 2.75 RVCE, Blore
Large WIPRO INFOTECH Software 2.75 SVCE,Blore
Large IBM Fresher 2.40 SVCE,Blore
Large HP Fresher 2.04 SVCE,Blore
Medium Oracle Systems Fresher 7.00 RVCE, Blore
Medium Huwaei technologies Software 6.00 SVCE,Blore
Medium Cisco Fresher 5.90 RVCE, Blore
Medium J P Morgan Fresher 5.50 RVCE, Blore
Medium SONATA software Software 4.30 SVCE,Blore
Medium L&T ECC Fresher 4.00 SVCE,Blore
Medium SASKEN Software 3.50 SVCE,Blore
Medium Igate Fresher – SE 3.00 Large Recruitment
Medium Sasken Fresher – SE 2.75 DCE, Blore
Medium SYNTEL-Pune Software 2.40 SVCE,Blore
Small Samsung Fresher 5,5 RVCE, Blore
Small Microsoft Fresher 12.70 RVCE, Blore
Small Citrix Fresher 8.50 RVCE, Blore
Small Yahoo Fresher 8.00 RVCE, Blore
Small Intel Fresher 7.75 RVCE, Blore
Small Akamai Fresher 7.50 RVCE, Blore
Small Goldman Sachs Fresher 7.00 RVCE, Blore
Small Z S Associates Fresher 7.00 RVCE, Blore
Small Oracle Applications Fresher 7.00 RVCE, Blore
Small NetApp Fresher 6.80 RVCE, Blore
Small ThoughtWorks Fresher 6.50 RVCE, Blore
Small Oracle CGBU Fresher 6.50 RVCE, Blore
Small Avaya Fresher 6.50 RVCE, Blore
Small EMC2 Fresher 6.25 RVCE, Blore
Small Ittiam Fresher 6.25 RVCE, Blore
Small Juniper Networks Fresher 6.25 RVCE, Blore
Small Cerner Software Software 6.20 SVCE,Blore
Small SuccessFactors Fresher 6.00 RVCE, Blore
Small Microsoft GTSC Fresher 6.00 RVCE, Blore
Small Apache Designs Fresher 6.00 RVCE, Blore
Small Novell Fresher 5.80 RVCE, Blore
Small BEL Fresher 5.80 RVCE, Blore
Small Oracle Systems Technical Writer 5.50 DCE, Blore
Small HP Fresher 5.50 RVCE, Blore
Small Nokia Fresher 5.20 RVCE, Blore
Small Responsys Fresher 5.00 RVCE, Blore
Small Virident Systems Fresher 5.00 RVCE, Blore
Small Global Logic Fresher 5.00 RVCE, Blore
Small TAVANT TECHNOLOGIES Software 4.80 SVCE,Blore
Small Target Fresher 4.51 RVCE, Blore
Small ESI Softwares Fresher 4.50 RVCE, Blore
Small Deloite Fresher 4.50 RVCE, Blore
Small Schneider Electric Fresher 4.50 RVCE, Blore
Small Alcatel Lucent Fresher 4.50 RVCE, Blore
Small Citi Bank Fresher 4.50 RVCE, Blore
Small Misys Fresher 4.30 RVCE, Blore
Small Mercedes Benz Fresher 4.25 RVCE, Blore
Small Mecedes Fresher – SE 4.25 DCE,Blore
Small JDA Fresher 4.20 RVCE, Blore
Small John Deere Fresher 4.00 RVCE, Blore
Small Unisys Fresher 3.90 RVCE, Blore
Small ODESSA Tehnologies Software 3.60 SVCE,Blore
Small Toshiba Embedded Software Software 3.50 SVCE,Blore
Small Mu-Sigma Fresher 3.30 RVCE, Blore
Small Seimens SISL Fresher – SE-walk-in 3.25 DCE, Blore; BNMIT, JSS, RNS
Small Robert Bosch Fresher 3.14 RVCE, Blore
Small KPMG Fresher 3.00 RVCE, Blore
Small Anusha Technovision Software 3.00 SVCE,Blore
Small KPIT CUMMINS Fresher 2.80 SVCE,Blore
Small NEILSOFT Software 2.75 SVCE,Blore
Small Brigade group Fresher 2.75 SVCE,Blore
Small Eldaas technologies Software 2.60 SVCE,Blore
Small SPAN INFOTECH Software 2.40 SVCE,Blore
Small SLK SOFTWARE Software 2.40 SVCE,Blore
Small QUINNOX Fresher 2.40 SVCE,Blore
Small TITAN 2.40 SVCE,Blore
Small GEOMETRIC Tehnologies Software 2.40 SVCE,Blore
Small EXILANT Technologies Software 2.40 SVCE,Blore
Small OPENSTREAM Fresher 2.40 SVCE,Blore
Small Bluestar Infotech Software 2.40 SVCE,Blore
Small IEROSUN Technologies Software 2.40 SVCE,Blore
Small SQUARE BUILDERS Fresher 2.25 SVCE,Blore
Small Winyasatech Fresher 2.25 SVCE,Blore
Small Epiance Fresher 2.10 SVCE,Blore
Small UNISYS Software 2.04 SVCE,Blore
Small WH Technologies Software 2.04 SVCE,Blore
Small SECON Fresher 1.44 SVCE,Blore
Small Carmatec Fresher 1.44 SVCE,Blore
Reported by Students:
Small NetApp Fresher 6 BIT,Blore
Small Adobe Fresher 8 BIT,Blore
Small LNT Fresher 4.2 BIT,Blore
Small Huawei Fresher 6 BIT,Blore

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  1. sarathreddy - February 10, 2012, 1:10 pm

    u r placed in quinnox

  2. sankalp - February 19, 2012, 12:01 am

    titan offered 4.1 in my college mit manipal

  3. Pooja k - July 3, 2012, 10:30 pm

    when these companies wil give joining letter

  4. vamshi - July 4, 2012, 2:44 am

    what about salary package for freshers in sonata software …please ?

  5. Maddy - July 9, 2012, 9:21 pm

    Sonata package is 2.2-2.5..please remove the wrong one..

  6. bhimashankar - February 27, 2013, 2:53 pm

    what’s the salary pack of tvs motors in rvce this year? please post if anybody knows

  7. Nandan - September 8, 2013, 8:44 am

    What is latest salary package offered in Successfactors? including perks and benefits?

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