If someone chitchating, holding hands or romancing in the campus will be summoned


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9 Responses

  1. Subhadeep Chowdhury says:


  2. sima says:

    wen is 8th sem challenge reval result goin to come ?

  3. John Hlomes says:

    supply enough adult content
    to the students

    Leaglize watching Porn in college campus
    because its legal to watch porn in Vidhansaudha

    stop the double standard

    motivate students for threesome, foursome & orgy
    to avoid falling in love

  4. bswjt says:

    dn dnt mke co-ed col, mke separte col 4 boys n grls…
    N ya its col nt schools asshole, fuck vtu

  5. Vikram says:

    Ok, So are they OK with gays and lesbians? [Not that there is anything wrong]

  6. Rakshith says:

    If they r chitchatting… its not good to ban on those things because if the students are not allowed to mingle together with opposite sex they don’t even knw how to speak face to face with other… Its actually important for social life… in today’s situation..
    In education it is also important to improve our Personality.. behavior.. and our way of talking with other.. it mite be with opp gender or same gender…
    Students must learn everything but thy must be careful to take only the good things from the life..

  7. abhay says:

    wats wrong talking wit gals?!
    tat’s a sad news….
    if they romance in collage they should be punished.
    but not for talking wit dem or holding hand….

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