Last date for online filling of applications for revaluation and photocopy of VTU BE 4th semester examinations held during May/June 2012 is 27th July 2012.

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47 Responses

  1. don says:

    mysore region results r not out , n u ppl gave last date for revals?

  2. 4 sem says:

    5th sem startin frm 1/8…….. hw cn v apply reval b4 27/7 wen v r out of karnataka njoyin holidays…

  3. thomas says:

    yeah wat abt students who are from other states……..
    ?? wat will u get doing every thing very fast… fast result fast revaluation… y do these ppl wanna sppoil our vacation……

  4. rohi says:

    wat is confirm????? 27th is the last date????
    wat about withdrawl result???

  5. rohi says:

    and also mysore region result are nt out?????

  6. sritha says:

    do u knw when is the last date for 6th sem revaluation

  7. XXXX says:

    today was the last date for applying 6th sem re-valuation..

    23 will be last but with 250rs fine

  8. sritha says:

    should i need to go to colege for gvng 6th sem revaluatn ? Actualy ri8 nw am stayng at out of karnataka.wat to do? Any other option.pls gve reply

  9. Manu says:

    Sritha- request with your friend to apply for revaluation.:-):-)

  10. raghu says:

    u idiots firts announce the mys 4th sem result and then announce the last date for revaluation

  11. chaithra says:

    what is the revalv fee?????

  12. Shivaranjan says:

    Wht abt mysre regn?rslt nt thy ancd the reval lst date.

  13. 4 sem says:

    last date 4 reval is 27/7…… i think mysore region 4sem result will come out in d night of 26/7……..

  14. bolbachan says:

    Hey wen r u ppl nt annoncing d 4th sem result of mysore region? Dnt test our patience, dis is too much . gv our results soon.

  15. milyyy says:

    after how many days will reval result come>?

  16. akash chopra says:

    hae man,frst gv the results f 4th sem mysr regn,then talk abt rv,we dnt hv a patience to wait,othr wise tl tht on whch date u r announcin

  17. mysore says:

    4 sem mysore result announce madilla… last date kottu regisbeda nin avvan

  18. rohi says:

    wat is the actual amount RV per subject??????….

  19. JITH says:

    mysore region results r not out , n u ppl gave last date for revals?

  20. aishwarya says:

    whn is last date of revaluation..
    not online through college ..
    pls extend the date..
    i’m out of station..

  21. pinky says:

    Please can you extend the date for revaluations…bcoz it’s not only me but thousands of students facing problems!!

  22. Arjun says:

    hey pls extend the date for rv

  23. vtu says:

    k i ll consider it students……..tika muchkond hogri..

  24. Jyoti says:

    Plz extend d date of revaluation in august… bcz sm students r out of karnataka… nw dey cant cm to clg n apply 4 revalues… plz understand our problems…

  25. Madhu says:

    ma 4thsem result announced as ANNOUNCE TO BE LATER..nw u peopls sayin 27th s last date for revaluvat…
    if i should appl 4 revaluvation means wt o should do?

  26. prasad says:

    when is 8th sem reval results

  27. sneha says:

    When s b.e 6th sem revalu results please tel na please

  28. sneha says:

    plz tell the last date to submit revaluation for advanced mathematics 1

  29. gnanesh says:

    Jun/July 2012 exam is online
    I have applied re-valuation for 3rd and 4th sem Now it is online , when the re-valuation Result will come.

  30. andy says:

    wen s d last date for reval for 3rd sem..?

  31. praveen kumar m says:

    maths resul with helded wn it is going to announce

  32. Vinay says:

    Please do tell me as to when I will receive the photocopy of my 4th sem paper.

  33. hema says:

    how can students outside Karnataka can put for revaluation so early… please do extend it..

  34. Balu says:

    Very less time given for revaluation in mysore region. The results were also late. Time has to be extended.

  35. Balu says:

    Time has to extended for revaluation in mysore region

  36. raj says:

    when is 4th sem revaluation result…..bangalore region

  37. government of karnataka says:

    a makla yaru hedrukolbedi eesala heshte backlogs idru next semge entry kodboudhu haagantha nim maheshappange letter kalsidhini ……… inmeladru hella muchkond chennagi hodi……

  38. vikas says:

    revaluation has to increase its last date.

  39. mallik says:

    wen wil u announce basic electronics mark….3days r over…pls announce fast….

  40. chandru says:

    what is the Eligibility Criteria For 5Th Sem Entry ?
    I Mean Maximum Back Logs

  41. siya says:

    is there any such thing as re-revaluation?

  42. siya says:

    will your marks reduce if u put for revaluation ??

  43. Ajanth says:

    when will i get photocopy..??
    and where will it come..? to college or home..??

  44. Ravi says:

    Vtu is playing with our many students failed in 6th sem(ec branch) in gurunanak dev engg,bidar pls once again chek microprocessar and vlsi subjects

  45. smith says:

    i have 3 backlogs,entering to 4th sem and i hav written one of my first sem backlog sub,will i b deatined ? anybody plz tell me im scared

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