Sem 1 and Sem 2 VTU Exam timetable for June 2013

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130 Responses

  1. aftabaly says:

    it ends on 17th july not 28th june!!!”””

  2. aftabaly says:

    sry 16th july

  3. Chris says:

    13 days of gap between physics and civil…????
    and not even 24 hours for mechanical…???? are u kiddin’ me..???
    and the timings suck our sleep… afternoon is better time to write exams….

  4. RAHUL R says:

    afternoon is better to write exams.

  5. harish.g says:

    please give one day gap between bee & be its my humble request for vtu examiners

  6. ankita says:

    plz post the B.arch timetable fo 2nd sem 2013

  7. varun says:

    thanx for vtu for uploading the timetable of 2sem ……..

  8. Mohammed Naveed Ahmed says:

    will u pls give a gap between ccp & electronics ??????????? and afternoon is better to write !!!!!!!!!

  9. Pooja.s says:

    Pl give atlest one day gap for eln

  10. akshatha says:

    please give some more time to eln and better to do exam in afternoon

  11. Rashangowda says:

    Time table for 2nd sem is nice but give one day gap for eln…..

  12. varsha says:

    timetable for p-cycle is really lengthy n hectic at d end…plz do reconsider it n its really better for students if u conduct exams afternoon..

  13. sreekanth says:

    please inform 2nd sem b.arch 2013 june timetable

  14. sneha says:

    plz gv atleast one day gap for mech..its our humble request

  15. ganesh says:

    pls pls sir our request is to be except….that after noon we want to write the exams pls sir do changes in time table of 2nd sem…….and day gap for mech exam sir………

  16. Apurva says:

    plz let this be the timetable… plz dont change it to anymore….

  17. Swapna says:

    Dnt change d tm table plz….

  18. prabu says:

    I think they have rescheduled the external exams,but this time table is not the one….

  19. Utkarsh says:

    The new dates for Sem 1 and Sem 2 VTU Exam for June 2013 are out. The exam has been rescheduled because of some overlapping of some previous scheme.

  20. nanda kishore says:

    thanks fa prepinding exams

  21. vipul shree says:

    15 may new time table has out pls post

  22. Vivek says:

    Giv one time table dont disturb our minds lik anything

  23. shiva kumar says:

    sir, please give me the two days gap b/w. exams it,s my request :-(

  24. YALLALINGA says:

    please dont change time table try to understand dont torture please

  25. dada khalandar says:

    please display final time table dont divert our minds please try to understand

  26. sakar jung karki says:

    Give only one shedule:”;I m confuised that when will be our exam

  27. divakar says:

    plz chang th time table

  28. Krishna says:

    Plz give gap for ccp exam

  29. santosh says:

    pls give 3 to 4 days gap for civil…………………………………………….

  30. Naveen kumar s says:

    plz….. post the time table sir … and let it be atleast a day gap b/w the exams …… post it fast

  31. akshay says:

    i saw the latest timetable of 2nd sem, there is no gap for ccp. i wouldn’t be very helpfull if it is moved a day or two forword .
    also afternoon is best time to write exam.

  32. Narendra Reddy GN says:

    plz post 1sem time table.some one told me 1st sem time table changed

  33. Madhuri says:

    Can we please get a confirmed time table as soon as possible???? It’s been 3 days, students are given new time table each day…!!!

  34. anu says:

    please upload new timetable…i dint get its link

  35. md.tameem akhter says:

    is there any changes in 2nd sem 2010 scheme time table?
    if anyone know plz inform…….

  36. SANJAY REDDY says:

    plz give me the correct exam time table

  37. Suraj says:

    is this th final time table…..or any changs are done

  38. suchetha says:

    plz send 2nd sem chemistry cycle time table & timings

  39. suchetha says:

    plz tell whether the time table has changed plz send new timetable

  40. zeshan says:

    oh come on.. the description says something and the image shows something else.. do have a look and update a new image with the rescheduled timetable

  41. Chetan says:

    are you kidding the students by giving daily new time table if you are in our position what you will do plz tell sir

  42. sameer hd says:

    Plz give that first time table and 1 time table for preperation and we prepare seeing that time table so co operate with we plz

  43. sunil says:

    is these confirmed time table or revised time table………… and if revised can any one direct to new time table

  44. amit says:

    VTU give sufficient time for all subject plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  45. rishi kesh says:

    plz chng yr time table………..

  46. Hemanth says:

    1st time table. … Is d best 1 so plz change it

  47. faraz khan says:

    please vtu director sir give the 2nd sem time table atleast 2 days giyab of 1 paper and excilant time of exams is aftrnon sir i requested sir please

  48. faraz khan says:

    me and my so many freinds they are 8 paper back sir only theory paper back sir please gve the atleast 2day gab 1 paper and good time of exams is aftrnon sir please sir please . Thanks a lot

  49. Sri says:

    What he’ll time table better for 10 and puc comparing other unvercities wast time table response for it

  50. nethra says:

    plz send me 1st sem re exam time table of MBA’s VTU (June – July 2013)

  51. sonal deep says:

    i heard that the date is that correct

  52. Shreeshail jalkoti says:

    change time table jun to July

  53. yashaswini.v says:

    which is the correct time table for second semester?

  54. santosh says:

    Why r u changing the time table

  55. Aakash says:

    please publish the new time table on vtu site.

  56. yallalinga says:

    plz confirm new time table

  57. kalmesh says:

    plz give us new tim tble..

  58. Amit says:

    Plz publish the new time table on vtu site

  59. Amit says:

    What is the new time table sem2

  60. srujan k m says:

    dear sir/mam
    pls just chang that exams of 2010 scheme civil and ccp time table b’cos back student cant consentrate at a time both subject

  61. sravanthi says:

    pls display the new timetable fast………. pls

  62. taba stephan says:

    common. we belongs from a faraway place and have to books the tickets early. we r fucked up now. every time the routines are changing and i m tired f cancelling da tickets. i’ve got no fucking money to book any tickets. what the fuck..?????

  63. PSV says:

    pls publish/advice d prper tim tbl 4 2nd sem 2010 schm……
    whch hlps us 2 prepar wel 4 ur xams …….
    pls dnt mak us 2 regret joining vtu by pushing studnt communty in GREAT CONFUSSION…………..!!!!!!!!!

  64. sukanya says:

    how many times u will change the tme table??? keep any permanent time table so that we can depend on that…

  65. alok gowda says:

    plz conform yar….
    2010 sceam is good..//

  66. sandy says:

    what the shata?

  67. Abhishek says:

    Guys calm down..
    thisz nt d original tym table i guess..
    unless its declared frm VTU or frm uo respective clgs plzz dnt stick on to any other tym tables.. its being done to fool others…

  68. sachin.r.t says:

    don’t confuse the students with ur timetable …we r totally confused by the syllabus…..

  69. Basava Raj D says:

    Plz conform ..dont confuse yar 2010 time table is good …..

  70. vinodaurad says:

    which is correct time table yar any one ans me plz yar am so confusse

  71. Punith says:

    Hw many tyms u vil change the time table?why?
    Which is the correct one?

  72. Arvind says:

    is the above time table is final?

  73. shankar says:

    pls display the new time table for 2nd sem students

  74. Hikari says:

    Which is the correct time table? . .what is this. .hw many time they are going 2 chnge? . . .n hw many time i hve 2 cancel flight ticket. . .

  75. rajath says:

    how many times wil u change time table don u have any sense pls upload correct time table as soon as possible

  76. siddarth says:

    sir please change the time table and keep same as u published first because for backstudent it is difficult to read continue

  77. rajath says:

    how many times to cancle train tickets pls upload time table so that i can book final ticket early
    don’t spoil the name of sir mv

  78. Sunil kumar says:

    Dear friends may be some problem facing vtu thats y the time table is changing again and again,but it should not do so I ask to vtu please declare the new time table for 2nd sem as soon as possible.

  79. Harish c k says:

    Kindly display correct time table.

  80. sreekar says:

    what the time table dont know form time table wast tim table ever seeen .put old time put any one constant

  81. rakesh says:

    wch 1 is the crrct

  82. Vaibhav says:

    guys i called vtu and confrimed that there is no change in timetable it is the same if any doubts confirm with the college officals

  83. shravan says:

    please confirm the proper time table

  84. manikanta kiccha sudeep says:

    Y r u changing the time table…pls display the crect time table …. Don’t play with the students life…k.

  85. Abhishek D S says:

    dont be so dumb guys..
    luk d date wen it is posted..
    it was in april.. thisz nt d new time table ..
    goto & der click on examinations time table fr d latest n final time table!

  86. Manohar says:

    please announce the starting and concluding dates perfectly as finalized

  87. GURURAJ says:


  88. G.Praveen says:

    which is the correct timetable for 2nd sem ……..

  89. priya says:

    Please update the correct time table of 2nd sem exams!!!!!!! Is dis the final time table!!!

  90. pavan kumar says:

    wht is the correct time table plz any tell me

  91. harshitha s says:

    plzz conform us the actual time table…. we have to plan for it….

  92. priya says:

    “update d new time table”!!!!!!!guys!!!!!

  93. praveen.R.S says:

    pls confm us ,2sem exam timetable

  94. Pooja Poorvik says:

    Guys Exams are from 19th itself !! pls go n confirm in ur colleges !!

  95. basavakumar says:

    first decide the proper time table and then publish the time table please

  96. shree says:

    pls pls pls sir give me correct time table . give gap for all subject

  97. I request vtu to give proper time table..ur giving some timetable in college they’v put some other timetable..which is the proper one god alone knows.:(:(:(

  98. Ramyashree says:

    Ua rite !! We don’t av proper tt in clge also.. Pls don’t play with BE students so send us correct n good timetable…

  99. rakesh k says:

    plz display the new time table.

  100. priyanka p says:

    plz give us the proper time table as sooooooooooon as not play any games with the studnts.

  101. vick says:

    Timetable is confirm????

  102. vick says:

    U assholes give us correct timetable asap…!!!!

  103. abhilasha.s.khandappagoudar says:

    is the II sem time table confirm…..please reply

  104. Suraj says:

    Is this timetable confirm……plz rply

  105. divya says:

    please send the proper time table to the college

  106. chethan says:

    is this time table is confirm????
    if it is not ,send the correct time table ……..

  107. anand madhav says:

    please send 2nd sem time table

  108. manojkv says:

    Is time table is correct?

  109. sneha says:

    cse students how was ur graph theory exam?

  110. Annappa Narasannavar says:

    whn d 2nd sem result?

  111. janardhan gowda says:

    When the 2nd sem results will come?

  112. kashinath says:

    when is second sem result

  113. vishal jituri says:

    wns the 2nd sem results!!!…!!!..!!!!!!!…

  114. Sabir says:

    When is 2 sem result

  115. Sunil says:

    2nd sem result on 1st weak of august

  116. Manohar says:

    When the second sem results are coming. . . ?

  117. ranjitha says:

    Wen is the second sem results?

  118. sumukh s says:

    i want my 1 & 2 sem result how can i check pls inform ASAP

  119. Sanjay S Mavinkatti says:

    when is 5th sem reasults?

  120. prince says:

    When vl be the 2nd reval result..?

  121. Manu says:

    When is the RV result for 2nd sem.?

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