VTU Dec 2012 – Jan 2013 Timetable


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162 Responses

  1. venkat says:


    Can u please tell me the last day to pay exam fees?

  2. bibin says:

    can u pls say what is the last date to pay the exam fees for first year BE students?

  3. zinga says:

    @bibin dude you can pay when ever you want or when ever you wish to write the exam

  4. juri says:

    Is there any possibility this date will be rescheduled…….??? our winter internships starts from third week of december

  5. zinga says:

    it is fixed only if some disaster happens then it might get reschedule or else no

  6. bibi says:

    Exams preponed and it starts from 8th December only new time table will be updated tomorrow evening

  7. Bhanu says:

    Can i know when is caed exam

  8. karthik says:

    can anybody please tell. when can i get my usn number???

    i am admitted be through lateral entry(diploma to be 2nd year)

    and i.admitted in management seat (with out diploma cet)

    can it is possible to get usn number??

  9. purushotham gowda km says:

    when is last day to pay exam fee for 1st and 2nd sem

  10. raghavendranaik says:

    sir please give exam postponed date correctly

  11. shoeb says:

    is it true exam date is postponded plz tell me the actual date of exam..

  12. Dipendra yadav says:

    Thank u very mch..

  13. Dipendra yadav says:

    Thank u very mch..

  14. Devaraju says:

    anybody pls tel me how to see my 2nd sem results of 2009 batch

  15. Ranjith says:

    Will the exam on 10th of dec is postponed or not. . . . Because due to cauvery bandh or strikes

  16. prakash says:

    is there any subjects will be postponing because of election preparation

  17. Shrivathsa says:

    Hey. 10th dec mba exam postpone or not?. if any one knows just reply me ..

  18. Anitha says:

    Plz Plz plz can you postpone field theory exam for third sem BE……….am lateral entry student(diploma) due to late admission…..its complicated to study wid in 1 day…..kindly requesting you…

  19. Keerti says:

    Unable to study widin 1 day for field theory sub …….,i’m also diploma student

  20. RAVISHANKAR says:


  21. Arun kumar R says:

    Sir when did 1st sem exam starts plz tell me

  22. Arun kumar R says:

    Sir when did 1st sem exam starts plz tell me

  23. Vishal says:

    commencement of even semesters of 2013,When?

  24. Sachin says:

    10th feb @Vishal

  25. Raksha says:

    Can pls anybody tel me whether exam on 3rd of jan is going to postpone bec of india close strike on same day???

  26. rajesh says:

    whether exam on 3rd of jan is going to postpone bec of india close strike on same day???

  27. asha says:

    hello guys… java exam which was on 3rd got postponed again????????

  28. shruti says:

    exam postponed again?

  29. subh says:

    Is there any change of date in examination will happen of 3rd January.
    Please provide me the date will it be posponded.

  30. shekhar says:

    guys is their any news about 3rd January exam……

  31. me says:

    is the exam postponed????? pls tel fast

  32. shivu says:

    reply dudes, any news about postponing of jan 3rd exam???

  33. raza says:

    wts the news of jan 3

  34. Basavaraj says:

    Please tel me anybody whether it exam postponed on 3rd Jan or not

  35. binny says:

    guyss.. can some1 tel us whether d exams scheduled on jan 3rd is postponed??? if yes, then wen is it gng to b announced… kindly provide d info as soon as possible..

  36. Pratik says:

    any info guys Abt postpone

  37. spurthi says:

    OMG,just Don screw up our exams.
    someone plz speak up..
    bandh is confirmed,then how can vtu be working. when is d exam postponed to?!?!?when when when

  38. praveen says:

    any news abt the postpond of the exam, whc was held on jan 3rd…

  39. Manu says:

    I guess nothing wil postpone now, they wil announce on n8 b4 exam and screw us….

  40. binny says:

    guyss.. we r screwed up!! we r jus screwedddddddddd uppp…
    der is nothing to be postponed.. stop wasting time on dis site.. start stdyng…

  41. binny says:

    guyss.. we r screwed up!! we r jus screwedddddddddd uppp…
    der is nothing to be postponed.. stop wasting time on dis site.. start stdyng…

  42. Manohar says:

    Can’t read till it get announced … Hope 4 gud..

  43. shridhar T.N says:

    when is the os exam??????????????????????????????????????????

  44. vikas says:

    is examination on 3jan 2013 is postponed or not

  45. binny says:

    :( guys.. bharat bandh itself is postponed

  46. me says:

    somebody call vtu n find out pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee

  47. Manu says:

    Ntg der in website… Jus read read nd read… No more hopes of postpone nd all ……

  48. abhi says:

    exm dated on 3rd is postponed to 7th !!!!!!!

  49. Varunshekar M.C says:

    pls give correct information……….on which day jan 3rd exam is postponed.????? v got one information by college on another day,u r giving someother

  50. anis shaikh says:

    what about other subjects of 1st sem?

  51. Student says:

    is the math xam o 15th of jan been postponed to 23rd nw..????? :-O

  52. ranjan kumar sah says:

    please send me 1st sem physics cycle new exam time table

  53. ranjan kumar sah says:

    please send me 1st sem physics cycle new exam time table 2012-13

  54. manu says:

    Send me the 1st sem time table of physics cycle

  55. Jay Kuamr says:

    Really i got d information that maths exam has been postponded to 25th of Jan.. Enjoy Guys for ele xam

  56. Jennifer Renita.K.W says:

    its nice bcoz the people have updated exactly the correct information

  57. chandan kumar says:

    Is really the maths exam postponded….???

  58. Manu shankar says:

    Guys i got the information that the math exam has been postponded to 25th jan..so enjoy my friends

  59. anamik says:

    please postpone electrical subject to c cycle

  60. anamik says:

    ata nimaga postpone madudandra

  61. anamik says:

    please once again display correct time table

  62. Vibish bhardwaj says:

    Is there a change in the timetable for 1st sem physics cycle.
    If so, could somebody please upload it.

  63. megha says:

    kindly send the 1st sem physics cycle revised timetable without fail.

  64. student says:

    pls tell about 1st sem c-cycel time tabel

  65. Kantaraj says:

    kindly give me the examination date of maths, 1st sem,p-cycle,,,,

  66. Abhishek says:

    Maths 1st sem vtu exam has nt been postponed….so dn’t make it a rumour….

  67. tejashwini says:

    kindly send 1st sem timetable phy cycle.

  68. anushree says:

    is maths exam of 15 th been postponed to 23rd?

  69. Karan says:

    Maths exam dated for 15th January,2013 has not been postponed. I just called VTU office and asked them. They told that it will be conducted on the announced date i.e. 15th January. Exam ends on 21st January with the last exam being CIP.

  70. student says:

    wen is the environmental science paper for lateral entry students???

  71. roshan says:

    what is the sylabas for CIP and CIV.??

  72. santhosh guru says:

    Send me 1st sem time table of physics cycle

  73. Suresh MK says:

    whn de mca 3rd sem results will declare ..?

  74. kishore says:

    is really math exam have been postponed?

  75. vinay says:

    when is BE 3rd sem results…

  76. gulzar says:

    When are 5th sem be results

  77. Sunil Pujari says:

    Tel me whn exctly 3rd sem rslts vl cm..
    Plz. . . . .

  78. Anujna says:

    Are u sure maths exam is not postponed???:/

  79. Renjith Immanuel says:

    please tell me the examination schedule of cse 8th sem

  80. akshitha says:

    iz maths exam postpnd ???
    ws question paper leakd?????

  81. subhajit paul says:

    there is too many north indian students… Think their problems…

  82. abid says:

    is there gonna be math paper re-exams???

  83. ramsheed says:

    t0 which date maths exm posponded?

  84. rahul says:

    sir pls dont take re-exam of maths 15.1.2013 paper. pls be mercy to the north indian students. we wl not able to go to our natives

  85. rahul says:

    and if it had postponed what is the date

  86. mithun kekada says:

    plz dont do maths re exam .many north indians r there they want to go home think about them

  87. Arjun says:

    Please Conduct Mathematics Re test ..

  88. Krishna sah says:

    date of math re exam..?Send kindly..

  89. student says:

    plz dont postpnd the maths xam..there are stdents frm diff states stdyin here..it wud b impossible to gt tickts..once it gt postpnd due to strike..plz dnt do it again..its been mnths we havnt seen our family

  90. prajwal says:

    plz dont do maths re exam there many students from north india who wants go to thier home and already reserved thier flight tickets

  91. manjusagar m says:

    sir i request you all……. please dont make re exam

  92. res says:

    when will vtu announce the 5th sem mysore region results plz do reply?…..

  93. Rajath says:

    plz conduct re-xam

  94. manjunath D says:

    1 sem p cycle time table plz

  95. pradeeep says:

    last weak of jan/2013

  96. Supriya says:

    Please send me the timetable of first sem be maths exam

  97. sam says:

    i’m from 1st year and i have got a back in 1 subject in my 1st semester, so i want to wether i have to clear this subject in 2nd semester or in 3rd semester. and what is the amount i have to pay for re-examination.

  98. aish says:

    wen is 5th sem result?does anyone know when it will be?

  99. vinay says:

    when is 3 sem be results..

  100. jagannatha says:

    Hai , when is the 1st sem maths exam postponed date 2013. some student talking about maths q paper out. please help me.

  101. Rajini says:

    Wen is be 7th sem results

  102. leela says:

    wen will 5th sem b.e result comes

  103. Yashwanth says:

    When is 5th sem results

  104. Neelay says:

    I want to know the 1st sem mca exam schedule

  105. sreevathsa.j says:

    when is 1st sem results

  106. nelson says:

    How long it wil take to announce 1sem BE

  107. aish says:

    dear nelson,we the seniors r waiting for 7th n 5th sem results.so,enjoy the holidays n dnt wory bot d results.it wil com by the end of feb.:)

  108. syd says:

    dis time vtu is dull to release result., y????

  109. rocKs says:

    anybody here to talk about other things than results

  110. GANESH says:

    when is 1st sem started?

  111. Rashmi says:

    Wen s our 5th sem result

  112. sunaina selvaraj says:

    hey plz check my marks also plz.
    MY usn no: 1BI10IT058

  113. abhishek says:

    when is 3rd sem results

  114. KanaSugara Chandru says:

    when will be the BE 7th sem result.

  115. Ranju says:

    When will be 7th sem results

  116. suma says:

    when is 3rd sem result

  117. shridhar says:

    Wat the hellll….. !!!!!!” 3rd sem mysore belgum gulbarga region announced and without announce 3rd sem banglore region vtu announced 5th sem banglore result… wat crazy wher is 7th sem guys…? its greaT daBBa vtu..

  118. Punith Patil says:

    if any m tech will be postpon or not

  119. deepa says:

    When is 3rd sem m.tech Exam?????

  120. Kishor says:

    When will 1st sem result will come

  121. sruthi says:

    when is the first sem result????????????
    pls tell me>…..

  122. sowmya k.p. says:

    when do we get first semester results?

  123. shankar says:

    when 1st result announced

  124. sowmya says:

    is there a holiday declared on feb 13th 2013 by VTU?

  125. sowmya says:

    is there a holiday declared on feb 20th 2013 by VTU?

  126. Anil says:

    VTU website is worst website i have ever come across, the engineers in vtu are waste….

  127. Gayathri says:

    tmorrow on account of bandh is mba first semester exam postponed are not????? for Bangalore region please inform us soon

  128. Jayashree.M says:

    Please inform is there a holiday declared on feb 20th 2013 by VTU?

  129. jyothi m says:

    is there a holiday declared on feb 20th 2013 by VTU?

  130. shilpa N R says:

    is there a holiday declared on feb 20th 2013 by VTU?

  131. janardhana S says:

    Please post pone the exam which is on feb 20th 2013 by VTU

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