VTU 1 and 2 sem results announced!


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94 Responses

  1. Sam says:

    whr is th 2nd sem rslt fr mysr regn. why they always delay th rslt fr mysr regn. can anybody tell whn exactly they r going to announce it!

  2. lithin says:

    Where is mysore region??????

  3. Chota don says:

    Don’t worry…. How our’s belgaum region is announced….. Ur’s also wil be announced in next 2 days

  4. Dhanush says:

    Where is the 2nd sem result for mysore region i am searching for it please replay me when it will put to the online with timings

  5. tanya says:

    2nd sem mysore tommr eve

  6. lithin says:

    hmm….waiting 4 dat…..

  7. saketh says:

    when is MCA 4th sem result…….. say it correctly or just shut this web site down.. u people are useless… u just bluff about the dates… your prediction is never correct…

  8. hari says:

    HI! i got my 1st semester back subjects results on Thursday in which i have cleared my subjects. But now its coming like the results are not announced yet. what is the problem? pls help!

  9. Panda says:

    Am i eligible to the next semester,if i have 5back logs including CIP?

  10. Panda says:

    `YB`term scares me alot!

  11. omprakash says:

    if v r having 5subjects back we eligible for next 3rd sem or not ???
    Plz reply ?

  12. vtu alerts says:

    what about mca u assoles??

  13. omprakash says:

    all the dull students dont no any thing are getting passed ..and the students hard working students are getting failed .
    How is vtu correcting the papers …???

  14. omprakash says:

    all the autonoms students studied with us puc got passed taking 85%in autonoms and why we r failing in vtu ???

  15. sandesh says:

    Having a backlog in cip in 2nd sem? Am i eligble for 5th sem?

  16. kick says:

    anyone plz tel ,e which text books to refer for 5th sem cs,it wil really help.thank you in advance

  17. prakashsbhure says:

    our all subjects r clear ?when u r sending hardcopy

  18. priya singh says:

    what is the cost of revalation and photo copy for 1 subject in second sem

  19. priya says:

    410 for rv and 500 for photo copy

    can i know how long it takes for revaluation results???

  20. bharath says:

    when will they announce 4 th sem re val result

  21. john says:

    revaluation is not allow for 11 batch of 1&2 semester…. only photocopy.
    why this….–………–….<3 :-#

  22. kumar says:

    MBA 4th sem results will be out this week
    SOurce VTU Belgaum office
    After that MCA results as MBA 4th sem is final sem of the course
    that results will be out first

  23. Viju says:

    When will be 6th sem revaluation result?

  24. avi says:

    can anyone tel when s m.tech 2nd sem result

  25. dd says:

    when is 2nd sem mca result

  26. Sagar says:

    When s mca 4th sem result

  27. yyy says:

    i finished my 2nd sem b.e and i have 5 back subjects including cip…can i enter d 3rd sem? plz somebody reply for my post…plz

  28. sandy says:

    what the hell are they doing with our marks…4th sem mca…

  29. hari says:

    i want my 1st sem results who can i get it….

  30. Vishnu says:

    MCA-1 TO 5 SEM RESULTS ARE OUT!!!!!!!!

  31. Vishnu says:


  32. joy says:

    wen M.tech results r gonna be out???????

  33. pavan says:

    When M.tech results will be announced???

  34. Viju says:

    Any body know when will be 6th sem reval result’s?

  35. kumar says:

    Wen is MBA 4th sem

  36. keerthi says:

    plz upload mba 4th sem results….

  37. coolfreak says:

    Hey can any tell wht is the registration number for SJCIT..??

  38. kavya says:

    when is mtech 2 sem results r going to announce

  39. Vishnu says:


  40. sheethal says:

    in dis means before 12 th r wat

  41. Vikram Rathore says:

    When is MBA 4th sem results guys? Even MCA 6th sem results is also there to be out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. @9611 says:

    when r 4th sem revaluation result

  43. kumar says:

    MBA 4th sem result stoday or tmrw
    Source VTU

  44. Vikram Rathore says:

    MBA IV Semester Results Announced for Belgaum & Gulbarga Region of June/July 2012 Examinations

  45. keerthi says:

    omg kumar or u sure scared!!!

  46. keerthi says:

    is it sure mba 4th sem results ll come 2day or tom!!

  47. Vikram Rathore says:

    @ Keerthi…Plez check Results website

  48. keerthi says:

    @vikram ya then when is d blor region results??

  49. kumar says:

    @vikram and keerthi, as i told MBA 4th sem hv been announced yesterdday, today is Bangalore and all regions results, check at 7.30PM today. all the best, even im waiting for B’lore region.

  50. keerthi says:

    @kumar thanks a lot all d best ..

  51. keerthi says:

    1 n half hour more!!!

  52. Vikram Rathore says:

    @ Kumar and Keerthi………. I guess we will get it tomorrow……what do u say?

  53. kumar says:

    wait till 9:30 vikram

  54. keerthi says:

    vtu is unpredictable it may cum in mid ni8 also…. :)

  55. keerthi says:

    @vikram n kumar which specialisation u both r are?

  56. Viju says:

    B.E/B.Tech V and VI Semester
    Revaluation Results Announced for
    All Region of June/July
    2012 Examinations

  57. Vikram Rathore says:


  58. kannadiga says:

    i gt year bck in first year itself … :( :(

  59. kannadiga says:

    i always hve internal shortages …i hate Dbit.. it means don bosco institute of technology …i ll change d name daridra boli institute of technology …principle mindri :(

  60. kannadiga says:

    i got 6 bck..m mad

  61. punith says:

    @viju asshole! Where is the rv results.:-)fucker.:-).

  62. kumar says:

    how to get da rvce bangalore result????????????????

  63. MujahidPatel says:

    when is our photocopy sended to email id
    & when is our revaluation results annoucement. reply me…..

  64. avi says:

    vtu when d hell s our 6th sem rv results ??

  65. prasanna says:

    when r vtu 2 sem results???

  66. shekhar says:

    just miss fcd ya

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