VTU 5th sem results announced.


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32 Responses

  1. Vtu mysore says:

    Today mysore region 5th sem results

  2. bhagya says:

    when is 5th sem ‘gulbarga’ region result pls?

  3. Deepa Nagaraj says:

    wen z 3sem results for blor region?

  4. don says:

    when will be 5th sem mysore region announced inform me pls

  5. Shashank KP says:

    at what time……………………………

  6. VTU Belgaum says:

    Tom belgaum results will be announced

  7. Avinash says:

    At what time mysore region results wil be annonced?
    Plz inform

  8. Arpitha Bhari S says:

    wen was 5th sem results for belgm region?

  9. Dhanraj says:

    All the best guys today mysore region result.

  10. swetha says:

    when will be the belagaum region 5th sem results will be announced?????

  11. Kallanna says:

    when will b.e 5th sem results for belgaum region?

  12. Vijeth Kumar says:

    when 5th sem mys region result announed?

  13. Vijeth Kumar says:

    when 5th sem mys region result announced?

  14. Vijeth Kumar says:

    when 5th sem mys region result out?

  15. Vijeth Kumar says:

    when mys region 5th sem result.

  16. santosh says:

    wen is belgaum result region pls

  17. Mons says:

    when results of VTU 5th sem Belgaum region is gonna publish… pls revert me with date and time…

  18. tho says:

    Today 5th sem all regions results and 6th sem all regions results for BE/B.tech will be announced.

  19. sachinkonge says:

    wn was 5th sem result

  20. Konge Sachin says:

    wn yar result 5th sem.

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