VTU 5th sem results announced.


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687 Responses

  1. sa ri ga ma says:

    when 4th sem mysore region?

  2. Giri says:

    server error????????????

  3. beta says:

    first 5th sem result ,then 4th sem results only.:-)

  4. vtu says:

    we r updating belgm result,

  5. Bk says:

    Wen s the 5th sem Mysore result

  6. saurab says:

    u people first announce mys region 4th sem plz…..

  7. ssssssssssssss says:


  8. Aravind says:

    Hope they wil announce all regions 5th sem result today. 4th sem mysore region frnds dnt keep any hopes today.

  9. Sharath says:

    When is the 4th sem result of mysore region

  10. Bdvt guys says:

    Mysore region results pls ?

  11. beta says:

    4th sem mysore region won’t come today..first 5th sem’s all region result….

  12. RASHID RKO says:

    Guyz…heard like 4th sem mysore gnna be out at 10.30 tonight..
    Ny cnfrmtns??

  13. shiva prasad says:

    any idea about 2nd sem results..?

  14. diraj says:

    pakka news!! 2marw both 5 and 4th sem result will announce for all region..so, go and sleep.

  15. ssssssssssssss says:


  16. ravi says:

    wen 4th sem mysre region results vl b announced???

  17. ravi says:

    does anyone has a confirm news??wen mysre region results l b announced??

  18. shivu says:

    wen ll be 3rd sem results bangal .

  19. pooja says:

    plz reply when is 3rd sem result

  20. kote says:

    plz tel abt 2nd sem Bangalore results

  21. don says:

    u shut up 1st years.. 1st and 2nd sem results r aftr 29th
    So jus stay away from this site.

  22. rakesh says:

    4th sem 2day 11pm damn sure

  23. Abc says:

    Dnt tel lie..
    how do u know it?

  24. xyy says:

    wt abt 8th revaluation rslt

  25. Tanya says:

    U f@@@ing vtu ppl finish of with the 4th sem results fast and start of with the 2nd sem results. ‘m eagerly waiting. By declaring the 4th sem bangalore result at 2 am U ppl hv proved that u dont sleep so y the hell u r delayin the results

  26. VTU SERVER says:

    4th sem mysore region result have been uploaded and will be out by tomorrow afternoon. Please be patient and sorry for the trouble caused.

  27. Tanya says:

    I would rather lose my virginity than waiting so long for results. Somebody pls F*** me

  28. don says:

    i would like to help u tanya

  29. anz anwar says:

    eeeeeeeee kollam result porthvidmoo….

  30. rajesh says:

    good morning everyone. .

  31. manju says:

    when will be the 4th sem mysore region result….plz tell me…!!

  32. Praveen says:

    Wen is vtu 2nd sem result for bangalore……?

  33. Shetty says:

    All the best for 4th sem mysore rigion students,today is our results!!

  34. ssssssssssssss says:

    @rajesh very bad morning………………………………

  35. Bdvt guys says:

    Evath pakka 4th sem mysore regions results barutha ?
    If so can anyone tell time of announce ?

  36. badboy says:

    very good results this time

  37. Bdvt guys says:

    How u can know its good result ?

  38. saurab says:

    hi friends do u knw correctly that today mys region 4th sem results get announced

  39. girisha says:

    100% pakka:-).today is mysore region results for both 5 and 4th sem’s…confirmed.all the best..
    First year guys just shut your mouth ok….

  40. girisha says:

    at afternoon hope.:):)

  41. Network Analysis says:

    when will 3rd sem mysore region result out ????

  42. abc says:

    nim bai manu haka 4th sem result kodro bega goobalgala

  43. julius caesar says:

    Plssss!!!?? can someone tell me when is 2 sem results comin??? I am dyin to knoe…btw @brutus thx for killing me yu loser

  44. veeresh .bidar says:

    En gay??

  45. rocky says:


  46. ssssssssssssss says:


  47. rajesh says:

    5th sem Belgaum region results Will be announced tomorrow evening. . . . . .

  48. Deepak says:

    when will be 2nd sem results announced in bangalore region

  49. priya says:

    @rajesh how u know

  50. akshaya says:

    4th sem mysore region today evnin nd belgaum region 5th sem by 8 toni8….2nd sem ppl,ur results ll b anouncd n thursday o firday for blor region

  51. akshaya says:

    today evnin

  52. rajesh says:

    @priya: i had called to vtu no. . dey said it Will be announced tomorrow. .

  53. blah blah says:

    When will 3rd sem results be published?

  54. ANIL says:

    pls tell me wen vl b 5th sem results of gulbarga region…

  55. mitan says:

    When s d last date of reval for 5th sem

  56. sachin says:

    When will be 4th sem mysore region announced?
    Is revaluation date remain same or will they extends to another 3 days?

  57. robot says:

    hey vtu f***ers when will you announce 2nd sem results?

  58. Vishnu says:

    wen is MBA 4TH SEM RESULTS………after BE Results?

  59. rocky says:

    some thing is wrong with vtu mysore region

  60. priya says:

    @rajesh how can belive

  61. rocky says:

    Results are going to announce after 5.30 this is the news from the board

  62. veeresh .bidar says:

    Wat about 2nd sem???

  63. ruth says:

    When is second sem results comin???

  64. shilpa says:

    Wen is sec sem out????o_Oo_Oo_Oo_Oo_O

  65. karthik says:

    Ya wenz 2nd sem cumin?%

  66. jitheSh says:

    rocky ! wich result? r u sure?

  67. hogro makkala says:

    hey first year babies ……go out from this discussion.:…!!idiots.we’re waiting the result……!

  68. ravi says:

    4th sem mysre resul vl out 2day eve ftr 5-30 or 2mrw mrnin i cald 2 vtu num,,,

  69. karthik says:

    Hey senior chuthya…even we r waiting

  70. dexter says:

    Yo any idea bout second semester resultz??

  71. hogro makkala says:

    Omg 4th sem results out!!!! Go see official vtu website!!!!

  72. hogro makkala says:

    4th sem results out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. hogro makkala says:


  74. hogro makkala says:

    Hahahaha chumma i told

  75. dhanu says:

    hey. Junior just close ur ass by ur own middle finger ….or else suck it..bastrds:!!

  76. REAL says:

    good news for mys region 4th sem students. There is no need to wait for the results . All the students are passed.

  77. Shaggy says:

    Scnd sem results ll b anouncd shortly.afta 4th sem mysor regn

  78. dhanu says:

    I am a loser i have girl parts but im a chakka

  79. Father says:

    Students 4th sem will be announced today

  80. dhanu says:

    Im dhanu the worlds greatest senior chakka

  81. dexter says:

    Lmao dhanu got fucked!!! Ha ha ha

  82. dhanu says:

    whz dat bastard usng my name ??? Sulemagne ninn avvan kalso hadtini..nin akka tangi kalsu ,chakka nana?nina anta gottagutte le langa sule magne!!! Shanda!

  83. pratiba says:

    please stop all this!! When is 4th sem mysore region result? Please

  84. kat says:

    i am sitting and checking others result plz put 4th sem result

  85. ganu says:

    please announce 5th sem result…i’m working in a company…this result is very important for my job point of view also..i should clear this time otherwise, i loose the job…please announce..

  86. mysr says:

    mysr result padyara appujja?? yachina sav ya

  87. sysc says:

    Awaiting for 4th sem mysre regn resultz………..

  88. vTU says:

    .yarige beku e univrsty..!! Ond corrct result annc madolla..tu anta ugibeku idakke…!! Result annce madi sayro vTU..

  89. dhanu says:

    Lol….i am the results

  90. hanu says:

    Heyyyyy plllllllssssssss wen is second semmmmm”!!!!!!!!????????

  91. Bhayya says:

    sulemakla 4th sem mysore region announce madro……

  92. VTU(evaluator) says:

    Mysore region IV sem will be out by 8:00pm, spke to evaluators being a staf member and 5th sem other regions will follow up from tommorow onwards,
    Thank You

  93. Anjali says:

    @ganu: how did u get d job before clearing BE

  94. rachel says:

    Who is thid dhanu guy??????? Chumma causing problemz!!!! :/ wen is 4th sem results comin???

  95. vtu says:

    vidyhartigalae tunnae unni (vtu)

  96. mohit says:

    when is 8th sem revaluation result?

  97. lal says:


  98. vtu:- says:

    Mysore region IV sem results will be announced today after 9

  99. ganu says:

    ya anjali..without clearing the b.e you can get the job ya..

  100. Shaggy says:

    @akshaya..wru?wer r d results.dnt lie

  101. sonu says:

    mysore ppl r watin !!!!!!!!!!! plzzz annonce

  102. VTU(evaluator) says:

    4th and 5th sem result will announce today only….!!! All the best.don’t believe in faker.

  103. vtu:- says:

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ( )

  104. Anjali says:

    @ganu: have u completed 8th sem

  105. akshaya says:

    @shagy.results wl b anouncd soon.hav patienc.

  106. Shaggy says:

    Hahaha…ur a big blufr.went wrng in guesn results f otha sems also..dnt eva coment in ths site.gt lost dumbas

  107. ganu says:

    @anjali-not yet..i have 2 back in 5th sem ..

  108. Anjali says:

    @ganu: which sem r u right now?

  109. akshaya says:

    Who d heck r u mann?who r u to tel me to gt los..mind ur busines.if it dosn hapn as i said today u cn ask me to do wateva u want

  110. ganu says:

    anjali- mine 2006 batch i have completed 4years of engineering in 2010..but i had 4 backs while i joining company..later i cleared 2 subjects….!! But, still i have 2 backs in 5th sem….i’m working in jindal…

  111. Venky says:

    Just waiting for more then 2 day u people require 2days to just upload a reign results Fuck u guys !!!. upload it yaar

  112. Anjali says:

    @ganu: without having degree certificate how dey will give u d job? Wat u told to them before joining, BE completed or 4years finished having backs?

  113. anjali says:

    i love u shaggy

  114. Anjali says:

    i love u ganu

  115. Venky says:

    @ gaNu that’s bullshit man how can u get a job in jindall … being such a reputed company even topper have problem in clearing the interview how come u got selected they ask for all clear 65 per plus

  116. mysr says:

    evvathu barabahuda result???

  117. Anjali says:

    Please stop who is using my name nd speaking i love u, i request please stop people please.

  118. ganu says:

    this is what wrong thinking..if you completed 4years of engg, then you elgble for job .
    i have lot of reference….. By reference through i got the job…but, keep trying for job…! Collect the course complition certificate from college first…! This will helps you to get job..say all the best to me.

  119. VTU(evaluator) says:

    keep pinging n refreshing the result pages guys , lets c who wins today 5th sem VS 4th sem,

  120. Anjali says:

    Im batman!!

  121. milyyy says:

    after how many days will reval result come>?

  122. Anjali says:

    U can get a job like tat if ur friend owns a small software company,degree certificate doesn’t matter to them. U told u r working in jindal now y u want to clear ur remaining subjects ?But if u wont a job in hp,honeywell,bosch,tech mahenra,infosys, JINDAL even security will not allow u inside k. Dont misguide people..

  123. Anjali says:

    @ganu: U can get a job like tat if ur friend owns a small software company,degree certificate doesn’t matter to them. U told u r working in jindal now y u want to clear ur remaining subjects ?But if u wont a job in hp,honeywell,bosch,tech mahenra,infosys, JINDAL even security will not allow u inside k. Dont misguide people..

  124. ganu says:

    @anjali- i know your not anjalii your fake ..then also i’m just understandin to you guys about job..backlogs doesnot matter at all…whatever you think…i don’t mind k..i have studied 4years engg, i struggled lot i need certificate.
    . For higher post i need degree certificate and all ok..!!one thing is sure if you have reference, you can get job anywhere…..keep trying job..infront of reference degree certificate is waste…bye…

  125. mysr says:

    stop all this chit chat!!! its not anyones personal website!!!

  126. Anjali says:

    @ganu: unless nd untill u complete all d subjects in BE or any degree . Ur maximum qualification will be 2nd PUC or diploma.

  127. samantha says:

    when will 3rd sem result be out?

  128. ganu says:

    diploma with 85% ..

  129. Blah Blah says:

    When is the 3rd sem result going to be announced?

  130. Anjali says:

    @ganu: k man den a just completed 2nd puc kid can also get a software job by reference. Wat is d use of getting admitted to degree and wasting time?

  131. bloody vtu says:

    mucchkond 2nd sem result announce madro

  132. ganu says:

    .i need higher post in company..now i’m getting 18k salary. If i complete b.e my salary will be 32k…so, i need.

  133. vicky says:

    guys anybdy here doing any courses??

  134. Anjali says:

    @ganu:diploma wid 85%. Oh great! Now u r taking 2years to complete 4 subjects ha!

  135. mlm says:

    does anybody know when will 2nd sem result be announced?

  136. Anjali says:

    @ganu: 18k salary k. Why salary hike taking degree into consideration. U told degree is nothing infront of reference.

  137. studnt says:

    hey u both don use this site for your prsnl bakwasssss

  138. ganu says:

    @anju-r u kid?? refrnce wl consider in joing of any company ok i.e in starting only.. last 2 years i was in dubai…so,i didnt write exam…..!!!!!!dis time i did well & sure i will clear it….k dont take tension ok…try to get job….u wl…

  139. Anjali says:

    @ganu :thanks for spending ur time wid me. Cheers!

  140. student says:

    @ganu & anjali
    you both have no other public forum or what?

  141. blah blah says:

    when is 3rd sem result comin out?

  142. Anjali says:

    @student: mind ur business dis is not ur website shut ur ass

  143. vtu says:

    @anjali shut up mother f u c k er,

  144. Anjali says:

    @vtu :Nin amman sulemagne haramkhor nin avva mundeyaga dagar baddi sule baddi

  145. Anjali says:

    amma ki chu vtu ki

  146. vtu says:

    munde sule drabe bevars kalchkole le boli magle

  147. vtu says:

    eh hijada shikandi f*** your a**hole

  148. Alan says:

    Wenz second sem results???? 0.o

  149. ethan says:

    lo nan makla announce madro est fail agidhe nodbeku yakro alka nan makla mysore region en maditho nimge

  150. kat says:

    anyone mysore region result

  151. robot says:

    hey vtu bloody bastards whats the f**king problem for you to announce mysore region result…nimmajji

  152. Anjali says:

    bhai robot akhri dam hora nai

  153. robot says:

    hai anjali whatsup

  154. its called fcking says:

    am damn hungry…some stuff make me buzzzzzzzz……

  155. its called fcking says:

    someone plz cum fck me

  156. VTU(evaluator) says:

    Due to Naga Panchami vtu could not announce results , plz co-operate n be in touch with official sites,
    Thank you

  157. kat says:

    can anyone tell me whether i will come today else ill goto sleep

  158. student says:

    please tell when will 2nd sem result be announced?

  159. akshatha says:

    at 10.45 results will out
    101 % true..

  160. VTU(evaluator) says:

    both 4 and 5th sem results will announce tomorrow only….
    2nd result will next week….so, keep away..enjoy the holiday k…..good night

  161. VTU says:

    @akshatha….thika muchu i knw when i am gonna upload result..ur 101 % year back.all the best:D..today no result guys go n have a good sleep…

  162. maria says:

    Hello 2nd sem results coming wen??

  163. VTU says:

    2nd sem papers still being corrected…so my dear students frm thursday we will start uploading 2 sem results

  164. Tanya says:

    Vtu this _|_ for u

  165. Vtu(evaluator) says:

    Don wait for results sleep students

  166. VTU says:

    tanya will put bigger than that come dear..

  167. Tanya says:

    How many times i hv to hear 2m 2m 2m. Huh. Fuckers finish off with 4th sem and announce 2nd sem fast

  168. VTU says:

    @tanya..any way u gonna f**ked in this sem…come n loose ur virginity nw only:D

  169. Vtu(evaluator) says:

    Good luck both 4 & 2 sem results are gonna be out in 30 mins

  170. Tanya says:

    @vtu No need for that

  171. VTU says:

    @evaluator…who told u to upload results…all our beloved students are sleeping dont disturb them…let them have a good sleep

  172. Tanya says:

    @vtu i passed in all 4th sem subjects. I am not waiting for mysore results

  173. Anjali says:

    @vtu evaluator chutiye teri amma ki chu chal chinal ke bache randi ki aulad ,yan mai subha se wait kariun ab ata jb ata 5th sem ka bolke,teri amma c me ghadde ka lund..chal bosdike.

  174. Tanya says:

    Hey honestly im a guy usin a fake i.d

  175. Tanya says:

    @elevator JUST SHUT UP

  176. VTU says:

    @anjali cool down baby…u will get fcd:D

  177. Tanya says:

    @elevator JUST SHUT UP !!

  178. Tanya says:

    Lalala im a jobless guy..who is a loser…all my frenz hate me…dats y im posting in dis website

  179. Tanya says:

    Who is the other tanya now. Better dont spoil my name.

  180. Anjali says:

    Heyy im also jobless guy..who is a loser…all my frenz hate me…dats y im posting in dis website

  181. tanya says:

    My 2nd sem results uhuhuh… U bloody vtu ppl

  182. Atif says:

    Wat about 3rd sem results ?

  183. tanya says:

    If u wanna chat fucking use fb. This is not the place

  184. tanya says:

    @ atif 1st 4th sem results will be out aftr that 5th and 3rd sem results will be out along with 2nd sem results

  185. Atif says:

    @tanya thanks fo d info

  186. Fake ID Losers says:

    All you Ppl who are really jobless, please note if you are using profanity and abusing others, we will trace you using the IP address. If you have any information please share it, but stop using the Vulgar language, its not good for the forum.

    So kindly co-operate.

    And also instead of talking something and all, may be we can discuss some topic just to divert your mind from the results tension.

    All Rite.

    Lets Say how many ppl are from bangalore ?

    I am from Bangalore.

  187. Bk says:

    Results uploading,site busy’…

  188. VTU says:

    @fake id loser…vtu here aden madkotharo madkalli…i have huge student fans…

  189. tanya says:

    @vtu thanks dear but i hv even cleared 1st year subjects. I am waiting for some body else’s results.

  190. VTU says:

    @bk mobile internet use madidre yavaglu site busy ne…no resuls today..go n sleep dear

  191. tanya says:

    @Bk site was busy evn in the afternoon but no results being uploaded

  192. maheshappa says:

    Students chill down.!! All the respective results will be announced tomorrow evening so not to panic till then wish u all of u better luck.

  193. tanya says:

    @vtu i just finished my 4th sem and so is my boy friend

  194. tanya says:

    @maheshappa. U fake. All the results cant be announced in a day

  195. 4 sem says:

    hahaa.. @maheshappa….. fck u along wid vtu…..vtu cant giv result ontime n u sayin all result at once…

  196. tanya says:

    @4 sem very true

  197. tanya says:

    Atleast this bloody ppl announce the results 2m.

  198. tanya says:

    results announced for banglore 2nd sem

  199. Tanya: says:

    @tanya shut the fuck up

  200. tanya ka b.f says:

    pehle tera result dekh le kutti 5 back hai….mere reslt ki fikar q karri..

  201. tanya says:

    result awill get announced for bidar region first ten bellary regn

  202. Tanya: says:

    I am tired of waiting. Will sleep. Good night all

  203. dr brown says:

    Students 2nd sem results are gonna come out at 2pm tomorrow!!

  204. lingaraju says:

    Its illegal

  205. VTU says:

    4th mysore results today at 8am.and by evening 5th sem all region results…..

  206. Venky says:

    Lies just lies

  207. p says:

    @vtu ya u correct

  208. kat says:

    i think instead of putting servers to correct papers faster u need to put servers to declare result faster


    we’re trying to upload the 4th sem results today only…!but, i bit server problem is appeared, on the way to solve this problems.
    If not, tomorrow will be sure your result .please be patience…!good morning.

  210. abhi says:

    wen is the bangalore region 2nd sem results being announced ?

  211. 4 sem says:

    fck u too @MYSORE REGION OFFICE….fake office…..

  212. Preethi says:

    what is this mysore region…please upload the result……..!! Please

  213. Vtu(evaluator) says:

    Good morning

  214. Punith says:

    I think this site was nt seen by vtu officers if seen they wnt sit like it

  215. Rakesh says:

    4th sem mysore regn result bandre e no.ge infrm madrappa-8748036524

  216. vtu says:

    @Vtu(evaluator) bad morning

  217. ethan says:

    lo gandu nan makla yavano avnu result announce madro sulle makla

  218. ethan says:

    avr avn inna result e announce madilla agle last date revaluation announce madidre,dabba university,avr appa ge hutidare today afternoon olge announce madthare

  219. kat says:

    plz results,i hate vtu

  220. Venky says:

    guess gotta wait till 1.30pm for mysore reign

  221. Rakesh says:

    Dnt msg 2 dat no.simply i put.tht s my x.gf no.she rejectd ma proposl

  222. Tanya: says:

    If she has rejected ur proposal hw can she b ur x? Ha

  223. Tanya: says:

    Waiting…… Waiting…… I’ll become a waiter

  224. sonal says:

    when will you announce 2nd sem results vtu?

  225. Tanya: says:

    @sonal they have not announced 4th sem mysore results yet and u r talkin abt 2nd sem. Wish 4th sem’s results r out then 2nd sem will be out

  226. sonal says:

    4th sem mysore is in waiting list from a month…
    so what should the 2nd sem people do for it?
    throw eggs at vtu

  227. Tanya: says:

    If we throw eggs at vtu then only they will understand

  228. Tanya: says:

    Evn i am waiting for 2nd sem

  229. Tanya: says:

    Lol. Or punish them. Make them do uthak baithak holding ears and they should tell loud WE WILL NEVER ANNOUNCE THE RESULTS LATE

  230. Julian Assange says:

    vtu new rule:: widout seein d result u hv 2 guess n put ur reval by 27/7…….. its 4 improvin engg. student mind…..

  231. Tanya: says:

    Ur not putting for reval nw. Call up your college and ask

  232. Shetty says:

    Next time we r going to protest against mysore friends plz..

  233. Result says:

    Shall i com 2day….? r 2mor……?

  234. Shetty says:

    Go n hang urself!

  235. Shetty says:

    Wht the real prblm of mysore rigion people…

  236. Tanya: says:

    What nxt time. If nxt time it’ll be some other region’s turn to wait then what

  237. Praveen says:

    Wen is 2nd sem result….?

  238. result says:

    @Shetty shut up ur ass hole

  239. Shetty says:

    Ya ur right tanya.

  240. 2nd sem result says:

    @praveen i’ll come next month . . . . .

  241. Shetty says:

    @result.bele ethundu athu thula..

  242. vtu says:

    we r uploading result

  243. shetty says:

    @vtu which one

  244. Tanya: says:

    Mysore results are out

  245. anil says:

    come 2day as soon as possible

  246. sonal says:

    all clear??

  247. kumar says:

    @all results will be out this evening for mysore regions and all other regions. official news- VTU

  248. sonal says:

    what about 2nd sem?

  249. shetty says:

    @tanya u mother f uc k er y telling lie

  250. Praveen says:

    All d best every1……..

  251. vtu says:

    @shetty mined ur language

  252. jitheSh says:

    heard that 4th sem results after 3 days is that true? if not ,whn is it? and wat time?

  253. sonal says:

    how can it be after 3 days? 27/7 is last date for applying for revaluation… vtu is mad

  254. Tanya: says:

    Sry guys. Really sry

  255. Tanya: says:

    No guys 27th is the incorrect date

  256. ohm ohm says:

    result at 2-40pm..

  257. rekha says:

    ya results at around 3pm…cheers .

  258. Tanya: says:

    How do you guys know

  259. jitheSh says:

    how u peopl knw?who said u

  260. joy says:

    ya. Pakka news results at 3pm..all the best.

  261. vtu says:

    fuck u ppl if you lie ….

  262. Tanya: says:

    If its not true na u all will be born as gutter bacterias nxt birth

  263. jitheSh says:

    joy hw u knw?

  264. kat says:

    r u all sure the result is at 3pm,i hope it is

  265. Tanya: says:

    These vtu ppl should sign an agreement that they will not delay the results or else they will have to spend a month cleaning roads and streets

  266. Venky says:

    still not out Wat u guys r dng yaar…

  267. thanu says:

    guyzz boring alone in home

  268. Tanya: says:

    results out for bidar region

  269. Venky says:

    Hey tanya whose using ur name

  270. santa says:

    hey frds sory bad news, vtu 4thsem mysore region are lost during online correction. Due to virus attract. So they decied 2 hav exams for 4th sem mysore once again. All the best.

  271. thanu says:

    Wat abt 2nd sem ??

  272. Tanya: says:

    People who have told results will be out by 3… if its out become murga immediately for 1 hour

  273. thanu says:

    plz tel Wen is 2nd sem results

  274. tanya says:

    i’m a callgirl…!!!prostitute s my parttime job…! My rate is 500…anyone ready to ride me…come on yaar!! Still i’ve tight things…

  275. manoj says:

    where is the result guys….please upload the results.

  276. parshu says:

    flash news results at 5-30pm…!!

  277. thanu says:

    even me lyk tanya but no parttime n al ! now intrstd to get ******

  278. Tanya...... says:

    I dont know whose using my name. . .

  279. Administrator says:

    How rubbish u all guys are…:-( Behave urself yaar… Its an official site…
    Alteast think ur an engg student… Hav a nice behavior and language…
    Let d results go to hell… Hav some respect…
    See hw badly u all commenting…

  280. Praveen says:

    Wr is d result….?

  281. Tanya...... says:

    U idiot dont talk all shit using my name ok

  282. vtu says:

    u mother fuckers its already 3 . Who told you the result s at 3 fuck ur black asses dont play hear afterwards . Tell the currect time if you know o else shut ur ass ……

  283. kat says:

    OK,after 3, now 5.30,next 7.00,then 9.00,then 11.00.why do u want to write simply .

  284. thanu says:

    whoz playing in ua name ??

  285. Tanya...... says:

    I am fed up of the guy using my name. Who ever he is he is a bloody bastard does not have even a bit shame.

  286. cricket says:

    india lost 3 wickets now…39/3 at 7 overs…rohit,kohli,sehwag gone!! Hopefully india will lose today….

  287. Tanya ki maka bosda says:

    fk u tanya

  288. tanya says:

    giving an offer for only 150rs come ride on me…!! I have white colour..!! And also i have public hair…ahha ohhoa

  289. vtu says:

    those who told result will be at 3 fuck u guys

  290. thanu says:

    u have doubt on me ?? well m thanushree from tumkur studyin at east west institute of tec k

  291. vtu says:

    stop it all…..it’s an official site..
    Don’t comment like that..idiots

  292. Tanya...... says:

    Results are not gonna be out 2day also

  293. srilanka Bastards says:

    india 41/4 at 9 overs
    parera 3-3-0-3

  294. anil says:

    no results today for mysore regions….! Got problem in mysore region office while finalizing the marks…even revaluation date will postponds….!!!

  295. Tanya...... says:

    Nw who have brains will find out who is the real tanya. So fake tanya your game is over . . . .

  296. aNz anwar says:

    hmm.do you guys hav confident to face result

  297. thanu says:

    even me intrstd in ****
    tanya ua rate is 150 den I mine 151

  298. Tanya...... says:

    Plz vtu plz announce results fast…. Plz plz plz . . . .

  299. peon of Mysore region office says:

    official update: they r drinking tea

  300. Tanya...... says:

    Who drinks tea at this time. They’ll be having a good noon sleep

  301. ethan kms says:

    4th sem results will be out today by 11pm

  302. Zarina says:

    Hey… Plz tel me guys… When 4th sem results for mysore region wil be out??? Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…….

  303. Tanya...... says:

    Vtu mysore results are not going to be out this month

  304. kumar says:

    Vtu site is not opening server busy

  305. Admin says:

    Result came check it. .

  306. to zarina says:

    no confirmd news
    zarina wer r u from?

  307. lingaraju says:

    Results come

  308. from zarina says:


  309. sysc says:

    results being uploaded…server buzy.All de best guys.

  310. rajesh says:

    i had called to vtu office twice today.. they said 4th sem mysore region region Will be announced today evening and 5th belgaum region results tomorrow.. to confirm the news you can cal to vtu office no:0831-2498136. . . . . . .

  311. jitheSh says:

    hope its 4th sem wala

  312. sarath kumar says:

    hi zarina sukhmano?

  313. Shetty says:

    Server is busy,result wl be out in few mins.

  314. blah blah says:

    July 24, 2012


    B.E/B.Tech II Semester Results Announced for Bangalore Region of June/July 2012 Examinations.
    B.E/B.Tech V Semester Results Announced for Bangalore,Belgaum,Gulbarga&Mysore
    Region of June/July 2012 Examinations.
    B.E/B.Tech IV Semester Results Announced for Bangalore,Belgaum,Gulbarga&Mysore
    Region of June/July 2012 Examinations.
    B.E/B.Tech VI Semester Results Announced for Bangalore, Belgaum, Gulbarga & Mysore
    Region of June/July 2012 Examinations.
    B.E/B.Tech VII Semester Results Announced for All Region of June/July 2012 Examinations.
    B.E/B.Tech VIII Semester Results Announced for All Region of June/July 2012 Examinations.

    Enter the University Seat No:

  315. ravi says:

    wen vl b myre reult 4th se sem out????ny1 has confirm news

  316. akshaya says:

    server down….its secnd sem results for blor region….jus confirmed frm blor regional office

  317. blah blah says:

    2nd sem bangalore,4th and 5th sem all regions out

  318. sonu says:

    @ blah blah blah???????? wtt u saying??????

  319. blah blah says:

    July 24, 2012


    B.E/B.Tech II Semester Results Announced for Bangalore Region of June/July 2012 Examinations.
    B.E/B.Tech V Semester Results Announced for Bangalore,Belgaum,Gulbarga&Mysore
    Region of June/July 2012 Examinations.
    B.E/B.Tech IV Semester Results Announced for Bangalore,Belgaum,Gulbarga&Mysore
    Region of June/July 2012 Examinations.
    B.E/B.Tech VI Semester Results Announced for Bangalore, Belgaum, Gulbarga & Mysore
    Region of June/July 2012 Examinations.
    B.E/B.Tech VII Semester Results Announced for All Region of June/July 2012 Examinations.
    B.E/B.Tech VIII Semester Results Announced for All Region of June/July 2012 Examinations.

    Enter the University Seat No:

    This is from the site

  320. akshaya says:

    blah blah…dserver s down…hw did u gt d links

  321. blah blah says:

    i m being able to access it.. i dnt find ne problem

  322. vtu:- says:

    wait students………………..

  323. sonu says:

    now server is okie ! bt reslts r nt yet announced

  324. kumar says:

    hahaah vtu is playing pranks. no results r out

  325. kasimji says:

    who is blah blah

    Poda p***

  326. its called fcking says:


  327. sonal says:

    ballz… 2nd sem is not come… mlm

  328. its called fcking says:


  329. sonal says:

    @blah blah
    why are you faking? ..!..

  330. its called fcking says:


  331. its called fcking says:

    guys wen is next update..i hav back in all sems….

  332. ranjan says:

    @vtu: hey when is result of 4th sem MCA… its already 1 month 3 days over after exams…

  333. anil says:

    no results today….happy evening…

  334. Rajinikanth says:

    Wen i’ m here no feer …….I’ve deleted de result wic was uploaded………

  335. samantha says:

    only blah blah got da reslt. So hw is it blah blah?

  336. public says:

    mysore region is a backward among all other regions…….they dnt care abt mysore region… mysore region’s result is always late..

  337. puneeth says:

    @blah blah… Hey did a mistake i.e aftr and symbl u provide a space

  338. Venky says:

    when results ll be out

  339. blah blah says:

    my result came long bak

  340. Venky says:

    Mysore reign

  341. Tanya...... says:

    Fuck this vtu

  342. Beauty says:

    india lost by 9 wkts.

  343. Tanya...... says:

    Get lost. No cricket commentary is going on here

  344. Louda says:

    Ayyo boli makla result annouce madthira elva met gittalli odibeka

  345. Tanya...... says:

    Vtu is playing with our patience

  346. akshaya says:

    2nd sem results today

  347. Tanya...... says:

    @akshaya they will announce 4th sem 1st

  348. Criti Guy says:

    I need third semester bangalore results…. but i am praying that they announce the 4th Semester mysore results out, so that even ours will be out… VTU guys…. come on just upload the resultsu…. fastu fastu, why u making us to waitu… huh???/

  349. Tanya...... says:

    They wont. No use of begging

  350. robot says:

    guys everybody swallow sleeping pills & RIP …
    this vtu is a loser..it won’t announce…

  351. Venky says:

    Guess 2 9t pakka results ll be announced

  352. Tanya...... says:

    Ya. But y should we take sleeping pills 4 that vtu. We’ll enjoy and have fun

  353. Criti Guy says:

    @ Tanya, who is begging btw???
    why this kolaveri di VTU?????

  354. Mr.Me says:

    Hey , vtu nw al patience is out so if u announce d results den wel n gud if nt u ppl ll suffer somehow coz dese many studentz waitng fr results ll curse on u ppl….dis is my request in a polite manner if u ppl wont announce den even i feel to comment like TANYA , VTU n all…. so ………………..

  355. Sam says:

    what’s wrong with mysr regn. is it something that marks of mysr regn students r so much that it unable to upload!

  356. Venky says:

    Wat the hell enjoyment patti padi hai

  357. viju says:

    Oh my god plz announce 3rd and 4th sem Mysore region result’s plz i am waiting. . . . Plz plz

  358. Criti Guy says:

    @ Viju , Is urs criti situation????

  359. Tanya...... says:

    @criti guy many ppl r begging vtu to announce result

  360. Tanya...... says:

    Bangalore has the max students if bang results can be announced so early then y the fuck not mysore’s?

  361. ethan says:

    vtu have no guts to announce great mysore region students region vtu shocks mysore region students rocks:-):-):-):-)

  362. Criti Guy says:

    Oh my god…. days are going so slow… with the wait time increasing…

  363. balaji says:

    Wenz sec sem comin??

  364. Tanya...... says:

    Mysore students write so bad that they have problem in correcting paper

  365. Tanya...... says:

    Guys results are out!!!!! yayyy!!!

  366. anil says:

    no results today…….

  367. Tanya...... says:

    @balaji for 2nd sem to come out oly after 4th sem’s results r out

  368. kote says:

    @ tanya Wat abt parttime job ??

  369. Tanya...... says:

    Who is thiszz??

  370. Tanya...... says:

    Hello go ask ur mom aboit the job…

  371. Tanya...... says:


  372. Tanya...... says:

    Ayyyyaaaaaa resssuullltuuuu ???? 2semmuu

  373. TANYA₹ says:

    Again starting my name

  374. kote says:

    tanya should not talk abt mom n al k
    Jus think if I use dat words
    v both r talkin y u gonna bring parents
    actually u only have announced abt part time job

  375. Tubu says:

    When will 2nd sem result b out?please sumbdy tell me xactly

  376. TANYA₹ says:

    @tubu 2nd sem on 1st aug

  377. TANYA₹ says:

    No not sure but mostly its that

  378. tanya says:

    any hot guyz ?

  379. piyush says:

    yup i’m here give me your number…

  380. TANYA₹ says:

    Vtu is stupido fantabulasly fucking

  381. Tubu says:

    2nd sem reslt plss.

  382. its called fcking says:

    tanya which clg r u?

  383. its called fcking says:

    India lost the game.. vtu lost the mind..:-)

  384. its called fcking says:


  385. its called fcking says:

    cal to my no. its boring..

  386. its called fcking says:

    this no guy troubling me lot
    fck him all:-)

  387. tanya says:

    if I post here every1 ll cal ! better uas

  388. Kiran says:

    4th sem Mysore region results out!!!check it guys
    Thanks VTU i am pass

  389. ssm says:

    B.E/B.Tech IV Semester
    Results Announced for All
    Region of June/July 2012

  390. Manju says:

    2day no results n all,.. Guyz go n sleep don’t waste ur time

  391. TANYA₹ says:

    Plz comment oly abt vtu, exam and results. U want to have personal talk then use some other site.

  392. vtu says:

    fuck u asshole……. Mysore region results still not reviled stop pranking u asshole

  393. VTU says:

    @tanya…Tht v must tel to u

  394. akshaya says:

    Mysor region result out

  395. sarath kumar says:

    mysore region 4th sem results are out..go and look

  396. Venky says:

    4th Sem results announced

  397. Shweta says:

    Can anyone plz tell wen are 5th sem results for Belgaum region??

  398. Bk says:

    Wen s the 5th sem mysore???

  399. rajesh says:

    belgaum region 5th sem results tomorrow

  400. akshaya says:

    2nd sem blore results eithr today o tommorow nite 2am…b awake guys

  401. Result says:

    Am comin at 5 AM

  402. akshaya says:

    Yep….dis tym vtu dosn want hs server to gt down due to ovrloadin..so blor results f 6 th nd 4th sem wer announcd at odd timin than usual…so secnd sem blor region ll also b 1such…..cn b eithr 2am o early mornin as 5 o 6 am

  403. Sam says:

    finally 4th sem mysr regn rslt announced. now its

  404. Sam says:

    finally 4th sem mysr regn rslt announced. now its the term of 2nd sem students to look fwd fr the rslt. plz atleast ths tm dnt delay mysr regn rslt. let it be announced first!

  405. Tanya[] says:

    2sem wen cumin???

  406. vicky says:

    5th sem n 3rd sem r yet to cme so 2nd sem will take tym

  407. alert raja says:

    Hello yellaru

  408. rajesh says:

    good morning friends. .

  409. Shreya says:

    When is 2nd sem results be amounced?

  410. ssm says:

    @rajesh very good morning, have a nice day…..

  411. ssm says:

    5th sem result today at 2.30pm

  412. Shreya says:

    What about 2 sem?

  413. kasimji says:

    no second sem results


  414. 2nd sem result says:

    @shreya i’ll come next month

  415. Shreya says:

    No dude i want the date when the results gonna come..anyone knows?

  416. Being Human says:

    F*ck u n ur 2nd sem……all u 1st yrz..1st and 2nd semms are bullshit n easy..n u ppl r still gettin paranoid…@tanya..hav patience..5th sem has 2 be out 1st..if u dnt ve patience..den cme 2 me i will reduce ur stress bi*c*….and btw wens 5th sem mysore reults gonno b out??

  417. riya says:

    heya does any1 kno wen is 5th sem mysore reults gonno b out???

  418. Being Human says:

    Im gay.. I got no balls

  419. Varun says:

    My aggr s 48%.any problem wen am applying for jobs

  420. gudiya says:

    when is the 5th sem result for gulbarga region,got sick of waiting for it…vtu soon u release it

  421. gudiya says:

    @varun,ya lot of problem,which sem u r now?

  422. gudiya says:

    what?? then i think u should do some course and then apply

  423. Varun says:

    Wot course….

  424. Varun says:

    Wot s d minimum aggr to apply job…..

  425. gudiya says:

    based on u’r interest like software testing,designing,embedded system,vlsi,hardware networking or u’r branch related course…

  426. gudiya says:

    Mininmum and mostly 60% they ask,but in bank and some companies 55%…

  427. shabu.* says:

    sir wn r 2nd sm rslts t b anncd plz rly….

  428. Varun says:

    Am cs…Am looking jobs in abroad,like Dubai …der also same lyk dis no????

  429. gudiya says:

    about dubai i don’t know u search in net,im telling about india k

  430. Varun says:

    Thanks gudiya…

  431. motherfcker says:

    shut up all ass holes

  432. roxxxane says:

    Wen will 2 sem resultz cme??? Any idea anyone??

  433. bichu says:

    when will 3rd sem bangalore come?

  434. meghna says:

    2 sem blore??? When s it comin??

  435. meghna says:

    Hi m meghna doin my b.e…..im from s.e.a coll of engg blore…frm frst sem i hav 4 backs…so i heard dat its compulsory to ckear all from 2 sem:( is tat true??

  436. motherfcker says:

    fuck u all ass hole

  437. motherfcker says:

    Hi all i f… My mother

  438. motherfcker says:

    Im a jobless guy wit no balls

  439. josh says:

    Lmao dude y r u insultin urself??? Lol wat a loser…any idea about 2 sem results??

  440. venu says:

    plz tell me wen will 8th sem reval results will come for bangalore region??

  441. blah blah says:

    @meghna U cannot have more than 4 backs when u go from an even semster to odd semester and u also have to clear all the backs from the year preceding the currrent one to go to the next year

  442. meghana says:

    when is 8th sem revaluation result,.

  443. meghana says:

    I want 8th sem revaluation result-:)

  444. vviet says:

    any one know wen is 8th sem reval results wil out

  445. hashim says:

    is it compulsory to clear all subs of 1st and 2nd sem to go to 3rd year….

  446. Praveen says:

    4th sem all region results comes 2mor @5pm………

  447. R says:

    When is 3rd sem results?

  448. praveen says:

    i’m mad.:-)lol

  449. R says:

    When is third sem result?

  450. Shreya says:

    2nd semester results will be anounced at 5pm today.I cant wait……..

  451. VTU says:

    Today evening second sem results are going to announce for bangalore region, on saturday we are announcing 5th sem results across all the regions,. Students be patience

  452. Vtu says:

    who is that fake vtu…!! 2sem results will take…it ‘ll be after 5 and 3rd sem be patience…!!!!! Don’t believe in fakes..be original..

  453. deep says:

    who is this mother fucker who is fooling other students…

  454. vtu says:

    we r updating 5th sem result

  455. motherfcker says:

    @vtu sure. When will display

  456. thomas says:

    Now who is real ,VTU OR vtu ??

  457. VTU BELGAUM says:


  458. Praveen says:

    R u sure? VTU BELGAUM.

  459. VTU BELGAUM says:


  460. SwEeTiE says:

    Idiotic vtu when is 4th sem MCA Results??

  461. kasimji says:

    no yaaar

    no chance for 2nd sem reslt.

  462. SwEeTiE says:

    Our exams got over before B.E exams but still results have not been announced.

  463. Praveen says:

    @ VTU BELGAUM Thats fab…., for all region?

  464. thomas says:

    are you gay..?? I’m gay so…!!

  465. thomas says:

    @praveen are you gay..?? I’m gay with no balls …!!

  466. Arnav says:

    Vtu, 2nd sem?

  467. praveen says:

    I’m to gay yaar…!! Send me your number please…lets do phone sex..ahmm

  468. sheethal says:

    i heard that today 5th sem result is it sure?

  469. Arnav says:

    Vtu, 2nd sem??

  470. jailatha says:

    don’t believe anyones comment here k….even vtu also doesn’t know when they gonna announce the result..so, keep checking all the best…

  471. deep says:

    ‘m to gay yar…lets sex

  472. Jasmitha says:

    If any one want sex then call me 08251235022

  473. shrinivas says:

    when is 2nd sem mysore region results?

  474. Darshan ps(gay)(msrit/blore) says:

    Hi…i am study 2nd semester in msrit and a result will be announced fastly…but not today….last night i spending my night with a man who was my college lecture from msrit….that guy tell me this….while suckin his cock….

  475. hannibal says:

    Hi ppl can ny1 temme wen second sem b’lore is comin????

  476. deep says:

    please gay’s send me your number!! I have black one..!!!
    Tempting here…ahm ahaha manstrubtng here wid naukar nw!!! He have old things hahammahemm!!hahmmmm!

  477. trut says:

    when ll the 2nd sem results be announced

  478. 2nd sem says:

    mostlty 5-30pm

  479. Dhanpal N says:

    wen is 5th sem mysore region results?????????

  480. rwanda says:

    @ trut wenz sec sem??

  481. dandupalya gang says:

    wen is 5th sem Blgm region results????

  482. dandupalya gang says:

    heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy first announce dandupalya gang’s result

  483. VTU says:

    @dandupalya gang no result for dandupalya gang

  484. dandupalya gang says:

    i’m mad….!psycho.:)

  485. VTU says:

    @dandupalya gang u motherfckr , go to helllll

  486. VTU says:

    we lost all 1st year’s result data of 2012 jun/july exams….so, all first year guys please send your 1st sem’s result…based on the 1st sem result we will finalize 2nd sem result…for additional query please contact your college principal…circular will come soon…sorry…!!

  487. 5th sem result says:

    i’ll come today night 2.30……..

  488. 5th sem result says:

    i’m uploading now

  489. deepa says:

    when 5th sem result for mysore zone result announced

  490. gourish says:

    @deepa- I too waiting for 5th sem result..!! Hope 2day they will announce it.:.

  491. VTU BELGAUM says:

    The 2nd b.e results will be anounced on 30th july..

  492. Sss says:

    No 2nd sem b.e result will be announced tomorrow

  493. to all fakers says:

    ..!.. ..!.. ..!.. ..!..

  494. Neon says:

    Ya evn i got the news that it’ll be out on 26th

  495. Neon says:

    @to all fuckers _|_ for u only

  496. rwanda says:

    @sss how do you know 2 sem is tom??

  497. Neon says:

    There is an unofficial site of vtu which gives correct news.

  498. rwanda says:

    Watz dat site??

  499. aisha says:

    hi, will 5th sem results announce today or not, pls tell

  500. aisha says:

    why dey r delaying 5th sem only …….is any problem

  501. Neon says:

    5th sem will be out day after. Back paper’s result should not come early

  502. katy says:

    Hey neon when will the second sem come out?? Wat tym?? and how sure are yu??

  503. 3rd semester,VTU says:

    is gonna b out soon

  504. aisha says:

    today we will not get 5th sem results ah….

  505. 3rd semester,VTU says:

    2day no 5th sem result. May b 2mro 5 am

  506. VTUALERT says:

    Tonight at 10:00 pm all are coming

  507. aisha says:

    10pm sure….?

  508. Neon says:

    @vtu alert. Stop bluffing. All Results will never come at a time

  509. Neon says:

    Aisha babez which sem r u in

  510. aisha says:

    2 sem neon!! Ny idea wen my resultz ar out??

  511. I love aisha says:

    Hey aisha i love you

  512. I love aisha says:

    Guys 2nd sem results are out check it out.i got 72% thanks vtu

  513. josh says:

    Yu sob nothing is out…

  514. Neon says:

    Your results will be out 2m. Evn i am waiting for my girlfriend’s result

  515. akshaya says:

    Nothin s out…..chill buddy

  516. akshaya says:

    Tell d unofficial site da

  517. princess says:

    ppl can ne1 plz temme wen xactly 2nd sem b’lore region resultz r??

  518. princess says:

    @neon: r u sure??
    cmon everyday its been 2mo 2mo 2mo im sick of hearin it:(

  519. akshaya says:

    @neon..tel d website wer u gt d info

  520. Neon says:

    4th sem results r out na so 2nd sem 2m oly

  521. 2nd sem result says:

    i’m out..go check…

  522. 2nd sem result says:

    Im a jobless loser who sucks cocks

  523. Neon says:

    Bangalore doesn suck

  524. aisha says:

    Wen iz 2 sem comn???

  525. Neon says:

    @2m sem result fake fucker just shut up

  526. Neon says:

    @aisha 2nd sem is 2m

  527. vtu hater says:

    when the f*** will 2nd sem result be out?

  528. akshaya says:

    Cal dis numba if u r so eagr…08023181188..dis s vtu blor regoonal office numba…

  529. Neon says:

    You only call and tell when is it gonna be out

  530. akshaya says:

    I calld dem yestrday…they said,still they din gt info f secbd sem ….

  531. aisha says:

    @ neon how do yu knoe??

  532. akshaya says:

    I calld dem yestrday…they said,still they din gt info f secbd sem results

  533. Tanya...... says:

    Hi guyz whn iz second sem cumin??

  534. Tanya...... says:

    @ neon how d u know dat is tom??

  535. shanthi says:

    When will 5 semester Mysore will be delivered?

  536. haziq says:

    guys is it compulsory to clear all subjects of 1st and 2nd sem so that we can enter 3rd year .

  537. Network Analysis says:

    when is 3rd sem results fo mysore region ????????????????

  538. criti says:

    when is the 3rd sem result

  539. omprakash says:

    frnds if we r having 5papers back in 1st nd 2nd sem ..can we eligible in 3rd sem or not ??

  540. M3ecld says:

    Anyone has any idea about 3rd sem results?

  541. Neon says:

    3rd sem only after 5th sem.

  542. Vtu chancellor says:

    2nd sem rslts tomorrow……

  543. Tanya...... says:

    Tom wat tym??

  544. harsh says:

    i want to make frndship wit tanya ……

  545. harsh says:

    Im a horny loser…i stink

  546. Suhas says:

    When is the 2nd sem results

  547. Shrinivas kattimani says:

    Hope 2day 2nd sem results will be out.
    Shri guru rayara kripa katakshadindagi ella subject pass aadre saaku =:0

  548. vtu chief says:

    2nd sem results wil be out at 4

  549. VTU says:

    we will announce 2 nd sem bangalore and 5th sem today at evening……!! Other region result will come little late…before 31 we will announce all B.E Results …that is for sure….all the best.

  550. mahi says:

    HI, GOOG MORG, wen is 5th sem results

  551. maheshappa says:

    3rd sem results on monday . and second sem results on 1st week of august ,

  552. dineshappa says:

    le mahesha tika muchkond result announce mado bosudike!

  553. who has ballz says:

    will announce 2nd sem now

  554. who has ballz says:

    i have no balls.:)

  555. blah blah says:

    _|_ you all

  556. i'm gay says:

    when will 3rd sem result be out?any idea?

  557. blah blah says:

    i’m also waiting for 3rd sem…

  558. blah blah says:

    i have big ballz…who wants?

  559. blah blah says:

    i have big tool…who want?

  560. ssm says:

    today evening 5th sem blgm result coming

  561. lithin says:

    July 26, 2012


    B.E/B.Tech III Semester Results Announced for ALL Region of June/July 2012 Examinations.
    B.E/B.Tech V Semester Results Announced for ALL Region of June/July 2012 Examinations.
    B.E/B.Tech IV Semester Results Announced for All Region of June/July 2012 Examinations.
    B.E/B.Tech VI Semester Results Announced for Bangalore, Belgaum, Gulbarga & Mysore Region of June/July 2012 Examinations.
    B.E/B.Tech VII Semester Results Announced for All Region of June/July 2012 Examinations.
    B.E/B.Tech VIII Semester Results Announced for All Region of June/July 2012 Examinations.

  562. kumar says:

    so many results out in odd time………

  563. Anushka says:

    Please any one say when is 2nd sem result

  564. lithin says:

    dont knw crctly…..maybe today eve

  565. ssm says:

    B.E/B.Tech III Semester Results Announced for ALL Region of June/July 2012 Examinations.
    B.E/B.Tech V Semester Results Announced for ALL Region of June/July 2012 Examinations.
    B.E/B.Tech IV Semester Results Announced for All Region of June/July 2012 Examinations.
    B.E/B.Tech VI Semester Results Announced for Bangalore, Belgaum, Gulbarga & Mysore Region of June/July 2012 Examinations.
    B.E/B.Tech VII Semester Results Announced for All Region of June/July 2012 Examinations.
    B.E/B.Tech VIII Semester Results Announced for All Region of June/July 2012 Examinations.

  566. Neon says:

    I request you all not to talk anything other than vtu or result or examination. And people who talk about balls there are other sites for you. Talk as much as u want there but this is not the places to talk these kind of shit

  567. coming says:

    3 and 5 th sem out.:-)

  568. i love neon says:

    good boy =)

  569. Naveen says:

    when will 2nd sem results be announced???

  570. punith says:

    yeah.:)i have cleared all my engineering back subjects.:-)now i got graduated hehe.:)party on.:)

  571. kumar says:

    When is mba 4th sem results by the way

  572. kumar says:

    BE 1st and 2nd sem results out

  573. lithin says:

    B.E/B.Tech I / II Semester Results Announced for Bangalore Region of June/July 2012 Examinations.

  574. Hh says:

    Wen is d last date for applying rv for 5 sem???

  575. When is the 2nd sem result is announced plz inform me earlier

  576. siraj says:

    wen iz 2nd sem results for glb region?????

  577. lithin says:

    B.E/B.Tech I / II Semester Results Announced for Bangalore & Belgaum Region of June/July 2012 Examinations.

  578. dandupalaya gang says:

    2 sem mysore tommr

  579. akshaya says:

    Mysore region result s n sunday…….

  580. kumar says:

    BE mysore region by evening, get ready BE frnds,
    Im waiting for MBA results

  581. kumar says:

    Wen is MBA 4th sem results im waiting, cant dy leave final sem results soon atleast. ready to say gudbye to VTU afetr results

  582. tanya says:

    Having a backlog in cip in 2nd sem? Am i eligble for 5th sem?

  583. keerthi says:

    when is the mba 4th sem results….

  584. Neon says:

    No tanya ur not eligible

  585. tanya says:

    hey cn revaluation be given for 2sem papr of 2011 written in 2012??????

  586. mamatha says:

    when s the BE 5th sem revaluation result.

  587. kishorsgowda says:

    guys:-)how can i get my third sem results which held on dec 2011:)because now in college they are asking that internet copy for admittin for 3rd year:-)i have not that copy please where can i get there

  588. Naveen says:

    when will the revaluation result for v and vi sem come?

  589. AKASH says:

    hiiiiii any1 plzzzzzzz update when is mtech 2nd sem results …….plzzzzzzz

  590. vtu all semester results for june/july 2012 examination for all region will be declare on 6th august 2012..

  591. Shruti Belgavi says:

    hi everyone
    for any queries regarding vtu call me on 9945211818 i’m available round the clock for your service,

  592. pramod says:

    when does vtu announce the results of DEC/jan 2012-13 BE 5th sem exams???
    pls reply…

  593. Magesh pandian says:

    When will 5th sem vtu results be announced for dec 2012??

  594. Playboy says:

    Tomorrow vtu wil announce 5th sem results for B’lore region…

  595. harshita says:

    how do u knw????

  596. Arpitha vs says:

    Wen is our 5th sem ( 2012-2013 )results …????

  597. Rock says:

    When will 5th sem vtu results be announced for dec 2012?

  598. HARSHA says:

    when does 5th sem result announce for 2012-13 batch BE

  599. sneha says:

    wen is be 5th sem resylts

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