VTU BE 4th sem results announced.


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516 Responses

  1. Antony avinash says:

    it is showing someone else’s result when i enter my USN!! i am frustrated!!

  2. tharun says:

    wen will be the 5th sem results

  3. vtu result alert says:

    we are trying to upload the results soon….
    Hopefully , today no results will be announced.
    2mrw will be 5th sem all region’s result.
    Saturday 4th sem belguam and gulbarga results.
    On monday 4th result of mysore region.
    3 sem result on 24july.

    1 and 2 sem result on 27 for all region together..!!
    So, keep checking..all the best

  4. Khalid Ahmed Kosgi says:


  5. lordhp10 says:

    any idea how to apply for reval..??

  6. rajesh says:

    Hello sir,how about MTECH RESULTS.When you are going to announce it.Please reply …..

  7. Nisha says:

    OMG! VTU does things beyond our imagination… 4th sem bangalore region results at 2am??!! Couldn’t guess that even in craziest dreams!! Waiting for belgaum region’s…. Fingers crossed..

  8. Kiran says:

    anybody knows when exactly 4th sem mysore region results may come please do reply

  9. 789 says:

    vtu worst checking ……….. hmt and fem given very low marks………..” wat abt revaluation dey can reduce marks in “rv”…….?????

  10. [email protected] says:

    no they wont reduce marks in rv>

  11. abc says:

    @vtu: when 4 sem belgaum results will come?

  12. Vtu Results says:

    Worst record for 4th sem mysore region.Results r horrible.All the best.Results will be out tomorrow.

  13. sumith says:

    when is the last date for applying for revall??

  14. keerti says:

    @vtu: when 4th sem b.e results will b out for gulbarga regn?? pllllssss reply

  15. jithesh says:

    @vtu how s the results fo mysore region 4th sem EC branch

  16. unbelievable says:

    @guys..hW CN U BelievE TAT vtu pPL Ll coMMent erE¿?..EVen i cN BE Vtu and coMMent anytHING..SO dnT WRry guyS…

  17. 10 says:

    Is anyone knws 4th sem mysore rgn results date?

  18. rv says:

    @ vtu
    r u serious???
    plz dnt make me scare… mysore result is that worst???

  19. lol ! says:

    guys plz telme hw z the valuatn nd Resultz of 4th sem bnglr wala ec branch guys plz reply…and also telme whn z mysore rgn 4th sem reslt plz reply

  20. john says:

    when the belgaum region results????? <3 :@ :-# X(

  21. john says:

    why always mysore region last announcement??????? vtu baby……

  22. desai says:

    Saturday 4th sem belguam and gulbarga results.best of luck frnds

  23. Ionna says:


  24. Vinay says:

    2nd sem result might be out soon as they removed 1st sem result from the website…..!!

  25. san says:

    when will be the mca 4th result will announced of gulbarga region..?

  26. Edge says:

    4 sem micro controller lab I got partial output for only one program will i pass?

  27. [email protected] says:

    wen will be 4th sem bgm region??
    saturday or tomo 2am?????

  28. bharath says:

    wn wl b 4th sm mysore regn rslt???????????? tdy r tm????????????……

  29. Rohini says:

    is anyone know about the results that the results ll be announced later it s showing wen I enter my usn. I got all sub results oly one sub is not announced for that sub it s showing as W. all other sub as P it means pass if anybody knows pls rep me.

  30. ganu:) says:


  31. xyz says:

    when will be BE 4th semester for belgaum region announced????

  32. ayyo bidri says:

    yavagappa resultu….:'(

  33. jack says:

    @vtu:ri swami, swalpa daya madi mysore region 4th sem results bega bitre nim jeevna paavna aagatte…,, full puka puka anning aftr watching bang region

  34. ayyo bidri says:

    again tonight 2 going to be 5th sem results…palms news from the interpol…:-P

  35. vtu manager says:

    mysore region today @ 9 pm

  36. ayyo bidri says:

    again tonight 2 going to be 5th sem
    results…pakka news from the interpol…:-P

  37. Anjali says:

    Results out

  38. maheshappa says:

    lo manager nale belagge 2 gantege result bido…

  39. maheshappa says:

    le boli anjali tika mucchkond ire…:*)

  40. maheshappa says:

    le anjali ivattu ratri one night bed sigtiya..pass madtini..:-P

  41. Anjali says:

    @maheshappa: sulemagne nin amman jothe malgu bolimagne

  42. vtu manager says:

    ya, anjali is right… 4th sem mys region results out.

  43. SOUMYA says:

    WHEN WILL VTU ANNOUNCE 2ND SEM RESULT????????????????????

  44. maheshappa says:

    le bosudi nin tulle nange ishta kane..

  45. vtu manager says:

    @ soumya: probably with in monday

  46. maheshappa says:

    lo manager ninge eno helde…tika mucchkond brood kelsa mado gaandu..

  47. Anjali says:

    Nin amman thul na keya nin tunne kat madthini nin amma mundeyaga bosidi magne

  48. vtu manager says:

    @ maheshappa,@ anjali: hey guys, this is official website… so plz check ur language…

  49. maheshappa says:

    soumya come on..

  50. klecet says:

    hey when will be the 4th sem results r going to be announced for belgaum region????????

  51. maheshappa says:

    @anjali nin amman keya..

  52. gand sungli says:

    GANDU MAHESHAPPAA ninnamman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. I m motherfcker says:

    fuck vtu

  54. dark knight says:

    when are dese ppl gonno anounce 5th sem results mysore region???….wTF ve der released 6th sem results b4 5th sem???…..

  55. Anjali says:

    Hey 4th and 5th sem results out but it is not displaying i got d result

  56. unbelievable says:

    guLBARGA OUt.

  57. ssm says:

    B.E/B.Tech IV Semester Results Announced for Bangalore & Gulbarga Region of June/July 2012 Examinations.

  58. Vinay says:

    Gulbarga region 4th sem result out…!!!

  59. Kiran says:

    Gulburga 4th sem region results are out

  60. don says:

    B.E/B.Tech IV Semester Results Announced for Bangalore & Gulbarga Region of June/July 2012 Examinations.

  61. sulekha says:

    Wn wil 4th sem mysore region results wil be out

  62. maheshappa says:

    wat next o_O

  63. Sweety says:

    When is mca 4th sem results for Bangalore region??
    Plz reply..

  64. sulekha says:

    @maheshappa dnt tlk abt gals

  65. ssssssssssssss says:


  66. Ionna says:

    what about 4TH SEM result of MYSORE?
    tonight or tomorrow or when?
    please reply. . .

  67. ssssssssssssss says:

    whatttttttttttttttttttttttttttt a nice fuckkkkkkkkkkkk

  68. maheshappa says:

    sule kha.. sumniramma ninu..

  69. ssssssssssssss says:

    tonight or tomorrow or when?
    please reply. . .

  70. kavana says:

    Tonight ha..m realy scared

  71. Bkhere says:

    Wes is the 5 th sem result 4 Mysore regions????

  72. Bkhere says:

    Last date 4 apply revaluation??6th sem

  73. maheshappa says:

    see I changed the date..

  74. maheshappa says:

    now I ll upload the result…next 2hrs another result:-B

  75. kavana says:

    Results @ night..vtu

  76. maheshappa says:

    actually we are trying to impart the patience and hard working into our students by delaying and late night results.

  77. kavana says:

    Dnt talk lik dat abt gals stupid..

  78. maheshappa na ammer sheshappa says:

    result 4 mysore region comming @ 3 am.

  79. sarath kumar says:

    ivide malyalikal aarengilum undo?

  80. wtf says:

    result really fucked this time

  81. abhinandini says:

    wen is the last to apply for 4th sem revaluation????

  82. lol ! says:

    when s the 4th sem resultz yar for mysore rgn..plz plz plz telme

  83. Preeti says:

    Oh god y they r nt releasing 5th sem results

  84. Sunil shivanagi says:

    When is 4th sem results for belgaum region

  85. kumar says:

    wen it will come, today nite? cant wait only hmmmm

  86. @krishna says:

    i ahve got 623, if i apply to revalution ll i get fcd… can any 1 tell me… wether they ll cut marks in revaluation

  87. joh says:

    too late!!!
    digital checking no use….

  88. moorthy says:

    hey wen is 5th sem results…

  89. vtu alerts says:

    Tonight vtu 5th semester results will be out.

  90. real maheshappa says:

    Love gandu maheshappa thika muchkond irrappa !! Ninn ammankeya decent aagi mathado chappar sule magane

  91. Jungly says:

    @souradeep, thejas, chethan,hemanth..

  92. vtu alerts says:

    @daya it ll come today evening or tomorrow morning. We are uploading the results.

  93. kavana says:

    Wt abt 4th sem mysore region sir

  94. lol ! says:

    @vtu alerts – when wilb 4th sem reslt for mysore rgn?plz reply

  95. Ankeeta says:

    Sir plz announce IV sem belgaum region results ! We request u sir!

  96. vtu says:

    @Ankeeta give me ur usn . .

  97. GREESHMA says:

    when is the 5th sem results………

  98. Ankeeta says:

    @vtu sure u wil let me no my results???? if i give the USN

  99. vtu says:

    result announced for hyderabad region

  100. vtu says:

    @Ankeeta i think u frm bldea collage

  101. ajay kumar j says:

    when is the 4th sem results in mysore region tell me

  102. Ankeeta says:

    Am frm belgaum ! wanna no wen the results wil be announced for our region@

  103. vtu says:

    @Ankeeta tell me ur usn no

  104. Worldbeater says:

    @vtu hey shut up

  105. vtu alerts says:

    mba results will be announced on 27 of july.
    tonight 5th sem results.
    mysore, we r uploading it right now.
    mca on sunday or monday.

  106. ajay kumar j says:

    when is the 4th sem results in mysore region tell me sir plesae

  107. vtu alerts says:

    @arouk yes.
    @ajay we are uploading the results. u can see it by evening or by night

  108. vtu alerts says:

    @arouk yes.
    @ajay we are up loading the results. u can see it by evening or by n ight

  109. Ankeeta says:

    @VTU alerts . When wil be the results for IV th sem belgaum region be announced ???

  110. vtu alerts says:

    @Ankeeta give ur vtu no

  111. vtu alerts says:

    @Ankeeta give ur email id

  112. Worldbeater says:

    @vtu :sulemagne nin amman thul na keya gaandu sulemagne nand BE complete kano hajama

  113. Worldbeater says:

    @vtu :gaandu sulemagne nin amma yel keysikodavla rande magane nin avva mundeyaga bevarsi bikari sulemagne

  114. jitheSh says:

    @vtu how r the results of mysore regn 4th sem ec branch

  115. Worldbeater says:

    @ANKEETA: Hey girl dont give ur information to tat basturd @vtu alerts. No one knows when d results gonna come, when it comes just see tatsall girl k.

  116. vtu alerts says:

    @Ankeeta give ur cell no

  117. santosh misale says:

    @ankeeta here no one know when will result come. Don’t belve all r fake. For any information call 0831-2498136 its vtu result session no

  118. Worldbeater says:

    @vtu alerts: wat u r saying we r uploading results we can see it by evening. Nin amman bevarsi sulemagne thika muchkond result bandaag noodu bolemagne.

  119. xyzqwerty says:

    when will BE 4th semester results of belgaum region announced??????????…..plz plz plz reply……..

  120. vivek says:

    When V sem result will com

  121. vtu says:

    sule makla muskandu kudri

  122. Ankeeta says:

    @santosh thanks but i provided the fake id dnt worry

  123. Ankeeta says:

    @santosh u no wen results will be announced kya???? and that id i dnt no whose it is!!

  124. Worldbeater says:

    @ankita: which branch

  125. Ankeeta says:

    @santhosh: hey get lost u ass hole

  126. Worldbeater says:

    @ankita: how dare u have given someothers id dont u have manners u bitch

  127. santosh m says:

    @ankeeta i also don’t know . I think with in 2 days they will announce,

  128. Worldbeater says:

    @ankita:hey reply wat r u sucking anyones cock?

  129. greeshma says:

    Plss stop using cheap n dirty language here.. dont talk jus because u want to talk something .. Talk if u hav something relevant and useful to talk abt the pertaining topic .. Losers !

  130. santosh m says:

    @ankeeta mind u language.

  131. Worldbeater says:

    @greeshma: k baby big WINNER wat relavent we have to talk?

  132. Ankeeta says:

    @santosh:HEY shut up nd get lost u mother fucker

  133. tanya says:

    When will 5th sem bangalore results be announced ? Somebody please reply wid honest answer :'( .. Please dont misguide

  134. Worldbeater says:

    @tanya: No one knows when d results gonna come. When it has come just see tatsall. Cheers!

  135. ankeeta says:

    hey guys i’m from Panjim, Goa
    i’m a b i t c h, nanu sule magalu,
    now i’m s u c king my boy friend’s
    d i c k

  136. vtu alerts says:

    @Worldbeate ninnamman sule magane, yest janake huttidyo ninamman keya.
    gandu boli magane.
    adyest janadkaili hakskondidhalo ninna amma? ninnantha gandu hutsokke?
    chappar loude ka baal bavarsi halka raad sule munde maga.
    ninna amman 1nite kalsu, kedbittu magu kot kalsthini.
    ninamman jathina keya

  137. ankeeta says:

    i want some other 7inch cock

  138. lithin says:

    @vtu……wen will 2nd sem results come?

  139. Ankeeta says:

    Yeh results are came

  140. shohan says:

    when is 2nd sem results is going to be announced ?

  141. mgjgm says:

    Wen s 4th sem results 4 bel reg

  142. bhupathi says:

    whenz 5th sem gulbarga region

  143. manoj says:

    @vtu wen is 4th sem results for mysore region

  144. Preeti says:

    When il b the 5th sem results plz tel me

  145. Ankeeta says:

    Yeh results are anounced

  146. Ankeeta says:

    Yeh results are came!

  147. ankeeta says:

    hush sule makle result when announcing

  148. yo says:

    Wen is d 3rd sem results???

  149. pradeep says:

    wen s 4th sem results fr belgaum

  150. abc says:

    when 4 sem belgaum region results will be announced?

  151. pradeep says:

    for belgaum

  152. AJAY says:

    when is our result 1 and 2 sem for gulbarga region????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  153. av says:

    when l 4th sem result cum(mysore zone)

  154. Ajay kumar j says:

    When is the 4th sem result mysore region tell me please sir

  155. krant says:

    when is 5th sem result

  156. jitheSh says:

    oye vtu ppl whr s the 4th sem reslt fo mysore! u tld it wil cum tdy evenin na! whr s it

  157. vtu alerts says:

    no results today…:-)

  158. ram says:

    no results ???
    Sadness. . .
    Vtu. . .whnz mysore zone 4th sem ????
    Is baar sach batana. . .

  159. ashwini says:

    when will be the 4th sem results for belguam region? plzzzzzz tell us sir, we are waiting.

  160. ankeeta says:

    result bidro sulemakla

  161. VTU ALERTS says:

    5th sem results at 9-40pm today…

  162. 3 kala jnani says:

    4th sem mysore results will come on monday.:-).:-).

  163. ssssssssssssss says:


  164. vtu chancellor says:

    guys today 4th sem mysore region valuation got over.. no results till monday.. this is 100% true.

  165. vtu says:

    nimmoun tullug katti tullu hada…kal sulemakla….nanna mukli moosi bandu

  166. [email protected] says:

    B.E/B.Tech IV Semester Results Announced for All Region of June/July 2012 Examinations.

  167. Shetty says:

    Whn is our mysore result frnds..

  168. Shetty says:

    Result epa?

  169. vtu says:

    shetty…..yelle barpundu ge

  170. vtu says:

    all u people witout job, pls waiy patiently for results.. and dis site is nt official…. for results look into results.vtu.ac.in….

  171. antu bantri says:

    B.E/B.Tech IV&V
    Semester Results
    Announced for All Region of June/
    July 2012 Examinations.

  172. tanya says:

    When will 5th sem bangalore results get announced ??

  173. xyzqwerty says:

    y speak lieeeee??????

  174. Aayush says:

    When ll be 4th sem belgaum region result announced?

  175. Aayush says:

    Don misguide, if nybody knows truth den oly tell..

  176. vtu alert's says:

    @ashwini give me ur mobile no ill tell when the results will come

  177. vv says:

    belgaum results out

  178. don says:

    4th sem belgaum region results out

  179. vtu alert's says:

    @ankeeta talme irlamma. illandare nanna tunne cheepu

  180. vtu alert's says:

    sule makla belgaum results bittidhini!
    nodi thunnae cheepre

  181. vtu alert's says:

    @aayush thika muchappa saaku.. neenobbane gandhi antha gottu
    loude ka ball nin jathi na keya

  182. tanya says:

    Why are they not releasing 5th sem results before 4th sem ? I dono wats wrong wid vtu !! Always does the unexpected n unwanted !! When will they announce 5th sem bangalore results ? Does someone hav any idea ?

  183. vtu alerts says:

    Tanya come to my room ill tell u

  184. Bujair.M says:

    When will be the BE 2nd sem rerult,plz tell me

  185. shabu says:

    Sir,whn wl 2sem results gng to b declared plz reply.

  186. abc says:

    how are the results 4 cs students??s it k?

  187. Aayush says:

    When 3rd sem results?

  188. chaitra says:

    plzzz tel wen is the 4th sem mysore region results declared? v r really tensed……..

  189. rashmi says:

    when will be the 4th sem result of mysore region gonna be announced?

  190. rocky says:

    plz announce mysore region 4th sem results we r waiting with curiosity we r tensed after announcing the rest of the region results plz. Atleast inform us when results r going to out

  191. M S DHONI says:

    Mysore, mysore, 4th sem 4th sem.. Plez announce it as early as possible…

  192. kavya says:

    wen is mysore region result someone anyone plz tel me

  193. pooja says:

    hii may i know when will vtu 3rd sem results will be out

  194. rajesh says:

    vtu 5th sem results Will be out for all regions on Monday. .

  195. Neha says:

    Eagerly n wid lots of tensions… Waiting for Mysore region 4th sem results..Plz understand our anxiety..

  196. Rohith says:

    Wait till monday mysore region result will announced

  197. Rohith says:

    Hey till monday no result

  198. good boy says:

    today night @11 mysore region results for 4th sem

  199. rahul pandey says:

    How much we have to wait for 4sem result of mysore region

  200. sakkappo says:

    2day by evng 5th sem result
    on monday 4th all region.:-).

  201. nandy says:

    aj to mysore region pakka hai..wah wah

  202. sri says:

    4th sem mysore region results will be announced today

  203. Parvathi says:

    When do Mysore region results will be announced….we r waiting eagerly pllease reply

  204. Preeti says:

    when is 5th sem results..

  205. vtu says:

    Today evng mysore region result

  206. xyz says:

    when will be 4 th sem mysore region results out

  207. mahesh says:

    when will be 4 th sem results of mysore r u out

  208. rajesh says:

    @preeti: 5th sem results for all regions Will be announced on Monday..

  209. mahesh says:

    when will we get 4th sem mysore region results out

  210. yash says:

    4th sem mysore region on monday…and today 5th sem result…official news by mysore region office….

  211. wait says:

    mysore region result announced today 10:45 pm…

  212. ssssssssssssss says:

    sooooooooooooooo whattttttttttttttttt

  213. shata bolimakla says:

    sullu helidavara amman tullalli nayi tunne

  214. yash says:

    ya dude i called….!! Even they still 4th sem revaluation date not announced because of mysore region result…!.it will be on 23rd.so, today 5th sem result.

  215. nayana says:

    Hi vtu ppl plz announce 4th sem Mysore region result plz

  216. yash says:

    i called in morning..at that they said like that only…….!!
    Keep checking..

  217. Nayana says:

    when can v expect 4th sem mysore region result ……………..

  218. mahesappa says:

    5th sem results at 7pm sharp today

  219. ssssssssssssss says:


  220. vtu says:

    5th sem result today night 2.30

  221. raksha says:

    wen is our 4th sem result in mysore region
    plz tel

  222. ankeeta says:

    hey i’m mad

  223. Naveen says:

    Today, i’ve checked for results about 800 times. can you believe it? 800 times. vtu rocks!!!

  224. Anju says:

    Can u please tell when the 2nd semester results will be out?? please do respond

  225. rudra says:

    wen wil de results of 4th sem of mys region be announcd

  226. mahesh says:

    when is the 4th sem results in mysore region tell me

  227. raksha says:

    plz tel us wen is our 4th sem result in mysore region

  228. hhhh says:

    When the 5th sem results will be announced??

  229. vtu says:

    any thing serios

  230. vtu alerts says:

    4th sem mysore region announced

  231. Rohini says:

    today Mysore region results wont cum it seems guys go n sleep n check in d mrng

  232. 4gk09cs047 says:

    I’m a chakka guys. don’t no how it was happened anta but I’m really scared.

  233. shreyas says:

    i think mid ni8 they give mysore region result. . . .

  234. bharath says:

    hey……….at wt tme rslt cme????plz tl me urgent plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  235. ankeeta says:

    result at 2.30

  236. vinay says:

    results r out

  237. mahesh says:

    results of 4thsem mysore will be out at sharp 4 today.

    Endeavour is to bring our Technological University within the 10th place in the overall ranking of Universities in the country, besides placing it in the world map in advanced Science and Technology in imparting quality education and research programmes.

  238. 4gk09cs047 says:

    I want to fuck 4gk09ec021

  239. 4gk09cs047 says:

    uuuuuu Vtu sucks

  240. THEJAS S K says:

    hiiiiiiiii i’m mad

  241. THEJAS S K says:

    hi iwanttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  242. vivek VTUALERT..haha :) says:

    due to some technical problem we r not possible to
    announce your result
    to solve this problem we need RAJANIKANT help
    due to some busy scheduling they may not possible
    to come
    therefore all of u wait for RAJANIKANTH

  243. Sagar says:

    When is the mca 4th sem results ?

  244. THEJAS S K says:

    fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkking guys

  245. jitheSh says:

    whn s mys regn reslt??

  246. rohan Khut says:

    4 sem mysore results. . .
    V aa w8tin dear. . .
    U r screwing us b4 cumin. .
    N u ll screw us aft cum also. . .

  247. Aryan says:

    today is sunday..so result will be out on Monday.

  248. yo1234 says:

    When is d 3rd sem results???

  249. bhayya says:

    idiots first announce the mysore region result and then announce the last date for reval…….

  250. vtu says:

    mysore region result kodro bega

  251. Nikhil says:

    When our 3rd sem results will be announced

  252. Santhosh says:

    I thnk we wil nt get results of mys region ..cos its sunday

  253. karan says:

    will they announce today? sunday?!

  254. bad boy says:

    when is 3rd sem result ????????

  255. Preeti says:

    Oh wat the hel when is 5th sem results

  256. K.K.VinayKumar says:

    When is the 3rd sem result going to be announced?

  257. igoy says:

    wenz d 3rd sem results???????????????????????????????

  258. naaz says:

    In BE revaluation is der any chance of marks getting reduced????plz vtu reply me plz plz plz……………………………..

    • rashmi says:

      no dey wnt give less marks …if at all u get less marks in d revaluation dey’ll nt alter ur mark… if u get more marks dey’ll update d new marks … if u get more den 15 marks in revaluation dey’ll refund d money dat u’ve paid…

  259. Eshak says:

    Sir wen is mysr region BE 4th sem results going 2 annunce?

  260. Sachin says:

    5th sem Bangalore announced

  261. kumar says:

    5th sem BE Bangalore region results out

  262. kumar says:

    check results.vtu.ac.in,5th semester BE Bangalore region results out….

  263. raghavendra says:

    u vtu people first announce 4th sem results and then give 5th sem u idiots y r u nt announcing 4th sem results

  264. xyz says:

    5th sem bangalore division announced just now

  265. ajay kumar j says:

    Sir wen is mysr region BE 4th sem results going 2 annunce?

  266. Shetty says:

    F*ck*ng banglr 5th sem results also out what happened to mysore rigion..

  267. mama maheshu says:

    yavag 4tth sem rresults kodthrro???

  268. vishwa says:

    leave the 4th sem mys result pls vtu,we r affraid of waiting for result.

  269. Shruthi says:

    4th sem mysore region will be announced at 10.30pm.

  270. bharath says:

    hey shruthi dnt sae lie yar???????? hw u knw???????…………..

  271. pooja says:

    when is 4th sem Mysore region result???????????????????????/

  272. karan says:

    hello shruthi.. R u sure that they r going to announce today??

  273. karan says:

    anybody have correct information?? When is 4th sem mysore region result? Pls tel…

  274. xyz says:

    4 sem mysore regions results out!!!!!!!!!

  275. nayana says:

    Wt’s da hell is goin on here
    plz out Mysore region 4th sem result

  276. mohan says:

    tomor after 10:30 they will annouance mys region 4th sem result

  277. VTU SERVER says:

    4th SEM mysore region results wil be announced at 2 am

  278. arouk says:

    Plz announce d results soon

  279. rohan says:

    guess vtu fogot mysore region. . .!
    Vtu. . .! Is it so. . . :/

  280. rocky says:

    mysore region out just now check it ….finally thnx vtu

  281. saurab says:

    y u people are nt announcing 4th sem results of mys region.Announce it fast we r waiting

  282. srinidhi says:

    bega bedro mysore region results na

  283. Rohith says:

    Please please announce the result as soon as possible

  284. manu says:

    when is the mysore region results out ?

  285. saurab says:

    plz announce the result of mys region plz plz plz

  286. Santhosh says:

    Pls mys regin

  287. sneha says:

    Today mysore region results ll be out

  288. joe says:

    when will come 4th sem result for mysore region ???????please tell me the sharp time or day….

  289. Pavan says:

    when will be mysore results announced

  290. vishwa says:

    guys wait for another 2 hrs we wil get our result

  291. 4gk09cs047 says:

    fucking sucking ur penies

  292. rahul says:

    At wht time the 4th sem result wil be announced in mys region

  293. Rohith says:

    Idiots please announce the mysore results we are waiting from last 4 days

  294. mahesh says:

    when is the 4th sem mysore region results going to be out ?

  295. abc says:

    today evng at 5:30pm 4th sem mysure región result will be announced. . .

  296. nandish says:

    guys any one tell me at what time results will out for mysore region

  297. nandish says:

    all the best frnds

  298. Shetty says:

    Mysore rigion gaandu gala result bidro..

  299. xyz says:

    VTU down down..
    VTU down down..

    We want Mysore region 4th sem results to announced immediately..

  300. Shetty says:

    Next sem navu strike madbeku..

  301. abc says:

    4th Sem result!

  302. vikhyath says:

    pls announce mysore region result

  303. saurab says:

    today before 10 pm 4th sem mysore region result wil be announced

  304. santosh says:

    4 sem result??????????????????????????????????????????????????????mys region

  305. mahesh says:

    vtu down down vtu down down leave the 4 th sem mysore region results

  306. Result says:

    Vtu please update 4thsem mysore result understand ‘bhavnaon ko samjho’
    This heart wil just loose its control on beats
    Plz full fill our needs

  307. sri says:

    Hello VTU ,learn the discipline first, and then do the rest.why you are separating the students in the name of region . please do not repeat it in the future.

  308. mohith says:

    results at 8pm today..all the best.

  309. abc says:

    saurab r u sure!!!!!!

  310. Result says:

    B4 10 coz 5thsem also came at same tym hav dinner frnz then . . . Vtu wl catch the winner!

  311. karan says:

    vtu mysore.. atleast announce the result today.. Pls…

  312. nandish says:

    result itkand pooje maadi

  313. xyz says:

    whr is d mys reg result???

  314. abc says:

    is it pakka tonight. . ,. . !!

  315. raksha says:

    i think u vtu ppls frgot to announce our mysore region result

  316. Rohith says:

    D k bose finally you give candy to every one atleast please announce tomorrow morning….

  317. res says:

    r u sure……

  318. res says:

    reply somebody:really scared…..

  319. abc says:

    ur rite raksha

  320. abc says:

    i think today also no result

  321. RP says:

    will 2marrow our result anounce?…

  322. rash says:

    where the hell are mysore region results. . . When will you announce it? Tired of waiting. .

  323. sagar says:

    wen wil u announce 4th sem mys region result idiots plz do it fast

  324. kavana says:

    Plzz giv mysore region fst yarr..

  325. santosh says:

    uploading problen in sme col results will late by 2 t0 3 days -mys region

  326. 4gk09cs047 says:

    its on tomo guys.

  327. abc says:

    santhosh is it true!

  328. kavana says:

    Ooh S dat true..sure

  329. abc says:

    anyway frnds wait til 11 nd then Sleep

  330. abc says:

    anyway frnds wait til 11 nd then Sleep

  331. rony says:

    thx 4 d results!!!!!! u ppl juss rock!

  332. ajnabi says:

    We should be ‘proud’ to be working under this institution . Where VC has failed 7 semesters . Who dont announce atleast when the result is gonna come .

  333. abc says:

    plz cal some1 to vtu nd ask abt result plz

  334. usha says:

    those people in vtu forgot to announce our results……
    at any cost we need our results today……..its not my request….its my ORDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  335. abc says:

    result bidro..

  336. abc says:

    Visvesvaraya Technological University, Regional Center Mysore,

    Phone: 0821-2570012 Fax:0821-2570013 cal to dis no nd ask abt result nd post here ok plz

  337. ethan says:

    u only call and post abc

  338. abc says:

    even am trying. . even u try nt nly required result for me

  339. ethan says:

    k i will try

  340. bhands says:

    vtu lost results

  341. Virat kohli says:

    Today am gonna score ma 13th ODI hundred.

  342. karan says:

    vtu mysore region people are not receiving the cal. so i tried to
    The Registrar(Evaluation)
    Visvesvaraya Technological University
    “Jnana Sangama”
    Machhe Belgaum: 590 018
    Tele: 0831-2498136
    but this no is busy from a long time. pls cal and ask abt result and post here.

  343. qwerty says:

    Does anybody know no of CT Ravi higher education minister to know about 4th sem result of vtu…The registrar is not handling the phone… plzzzz reply…

  344. karan says:

    C T Ravi
    Higher Education Minister, Govt. of Karnataka 080-22253651

  345. Kiran says:

    friends anybody got info when mysore region results will be announced for 4th sem

  346. abc says:

    dat no always busy

  347. paapu says:

    AyYO gubegala
    u ppl 2dy Adru result bidthiro or n.t………;)

  348. xyz says:

    when will d results cum .. getting scared

  349. abc says:

    today they wil announce result

  350. iMpAlE says:

    vtu. . .!
    Pls. . .!
    Let us kno aur results. . .!
    Damn tired of w8tin. . .!
    Mysore region 4th sem students r in pain. . .!

  351. Rohith says:

    Already 12 pm crossed announce the result idiots

  352. Rohith says:

    Wake up mys region guys & send our result loaper

  353. sagar says:

    u vtu idiots wil u announce our result today or nt. Atleast tel us when wil u do it

  354. xyz says:

    plsssss giv our results v r waiting 4m long back….v do hav sum limits….

  355. god says:

    u students hav my blessings….results for 4th sem mys today evenin….its confirmed…dont question back the GOD…

  356. god says:

    u students hav my blessings….results for 4th sem mys today evenin….its confirmed……

  357. Sir M Visvesvaraya says:

    Dear students, vtu is govt. please donot blame it . delay , irregular and indiscipline is its nature. We have to learn it and adjust to it.It is Jnana sangama of delay , irregular and indiscipline in vtu. By this time you all might have the experience of delay , irregular and indiscipline in your 4 semesters. Please donot blame VTU.

  358. res says:

    somebody plz call &confirm abt d results

  359. abc says:

    u cal res. . .nd post here

  360. Hari says:

    Yavaga bidtira mare mysore region result?

  361. abc says:

    is it today they r going to announce. .

  362. Praveen says:

    Hi now i talk with vtu ppl. Through phone ,that fellow tell like this ,,2day evning announce

  363. xyz says:

    its waste to wait for results. I think they wont announce the result today also

  364. abc says:

    i think they may announce evng. .

  365. abc says:

    yelro result. . . . .

  366. paniker says:

    kasate vtu

  367. paniker says:

    vtu has become black ..

  368. done says:

    m done ..expecting 90 percent ..badly waitin for results ..

  369. kL says:

    heyyyyy! i am LK!
    i am the one who stinks worse than shit
    i am proud to say tht vtu stinks worse!
    bwhahah! i love u done!

  370. kL says:

    does anyone knw DONE!
    done .. the one who always comments .
    he rocks! he is a rockstar and a frokstar!
    hahah! my jokes r wesome .. ! forget abt the results~!

  371. vtu says:

    ders no such official thing as mysore region vtu office.. sources from vtu say dat 4th sem results wont be out until de announcementof 5th sem oda regions..so 4th sem mysore region people hav to wait til august 1st week for deir results..

  372. raj says:

    VTU website down!!

  373. qwerty says:

    why VtU website is busy at this particular moment… not opening since 4:00

  374. abc says:

    they are uploading so. .. .. ..

  375. paapu says:

    Hi vtu ppl Wen is 4th sem Mysore region

  376. abc says:

    vtu site opening

  377. xyz says:

    vtu site getting opened n no results r out!!..

    VTU sucks..Damn it..

    VTU down down..

    VTU down down..

    VTU down down..

    VTU down down..

    VTU down down..

  378. pooja says:

    rslts r not yet out….

  379. abc says:

    today night frnds.. .

  380. ranjan says:

    @vtu: when is 4th sem MCA results???

  381. abc says:

    today no result frnds news from vtu. . really..

  382. xyz says:

    if not today then when is result??! Already they have given 27th as last date for applying revaluation.!

  383. ANU says:

    mmm….y they r not announcing mysore result of 4th sem!!!!!

  384. Praveen says:

    Result announce aug.1st week

  385. Isuru udana says:

    4th sem Results out

  386. swathi says:

    helloo…..any 1 knows wen s d result???4th sem mysore region..

  387. abc says:

    yes xyz. . . .no 1 s there in office belongs to xam committee

  388. abc says:

    wil u cal and cn u ask properly abt result xyz. . .

  389. Amith says:

    whenever mysore region vtu 4th sem results available…

  390. paapu says:

    i think vtu nt give 4th sem result dis year 4r Mysore region

  391. Ajay kumar j says:

    Today no 4th sem B.E mysore region result . Tomorrow mysore region result told my principal

  392. abc says:

    s ppls 2mrw aft 10:30 am. . news by vtu. . .i hav cald them

  393. xyz says:

    oh did they receive?! I ‘ve called atleast 30 times from mrn both to registrer and mysore region office but no 1 was receiving.

  394. Random says:

    I think the last date for revaluation is too soon. as the class is going to be commence from 1st august, most of the students are at home. for students from north, they won’t be able to apply the revaluation as they already book the tickets for 1st week and it is impossible to come suddenly. so regarding this, it will be best if the vtu consider the last date atleast till 1st week of august.

  395. abc says:

    ok xyz. . . they told dat cal 2mrw abt result. .

  396. Random says:

    Is Vtu don’t have any common sense or what? why they make the last date of revaluation before commencing the class?

  397. Random says:

    Is there any authority to complain about the last date for applying revaluation?

  398. Kiran says:

    4th sem Mysore region results out!!
    check it friends :) all the best
    i am pass thank u vtu

  399. abc says:

    result out. . .my al sub cleard. . .thanx vtu

  400. Sss says:

    When is 2nd sem

  401. Sixer says:

    Wen is 2n sem result?

  402. lithin says:

    July 26, 2012


    B.E/B.Tech III Semester Results Announced for ALL Region of June/July 2012 Examinations.
    B.E/B.Tech V Semester Results Announced for ALL Region of June/July 2012 Examinations.
    B.E/B.Tech IV Semester Results Announced for All Region of June/July 2012 Examinations.
    B.E/B.Tech VI Semester Results Announced for Bangalore, Belgaum, Gulbarga & Mysore Region of June/July 2012 Examinations.
    B.E/B.Tech VII Semester Results Announced for All Region of June/July 2012 Examinations.
    B.E/B.Tech VIII Semester Results Announced for All Region of June/July 2012 Examinations.
    Enter the University Seat No:

  403. rai says:

    when s d 2nd sem results of mysore region

  404. Akash says:

    sir any11 plzzzzz let Me know when r thy gonna announce results for mtech 2nd sem plzzzz any reply

  405. raj says:

    when 4th sem revaluetion results?

  406. raj says:

    when revaluetion result?

  407. Jamal says:

    When the 4th sem revaluation result is cmng

  408. kushi says:

    wen is the 4th sem revaluation results?

  409. ajmal says:

    When d 4th sem rev result cmng

  410. krishna says:

    when will vtu 4th sem revaluation result will be announced

  411. Namdev Gondegaonkar says:

    Wen wl b d 3&4 sem results ?guys

  412. Rajesh says:

    When do we get 3rd sem results dec-2012 results?

  413. Rajesh Harshitha says:

    When do we get vtu 4th sem june 2013 results??

  414. Harshitha says:

    love you Rajesh

  415. Pruthviraj says:

    Wen is 4th sem results of mech

  416. jklm says:

    wen 4th sem results r annaounced in for belgum????????????????

  417. Darshini says:

    Whn s da 4th sem results for banglore region

  418. shoaib says:

    Tomr 4th sem result thy ll announce

  419. pradeep kumar says:

    wn is our 4th sem results……………………………reply is must

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